So you need Additional Space for your Car at home? Car port is the solution for you indeed. It serves as a great entertaining area for you as well as a storage space. Depending on your Requirement of Car ports you can decide what material it should be made up of. The two Materials that are most dominant in the making of car port are Metal and timber. In case you are looking for what you material you should get your new car port manufactured from let’s give you information on both so you can make the wise choice.Metal Car ports:Metal car ports can be usually manufactured from two types of metals, Aluminum or Steel. Metal has become very popular as the choice of material primarily because it does not rot, warp or twist. It is quite impervious to termites as well. Metal is very Corrosion Resistant so it does not rust or corrode so easily. It is very strong and durable. Metal Car ports if constructed using the right sort of workmanship does not corrode or rust very easily. And last for a longer amount of time.

The type of Steel that Car ports are manufactured of is Color bond steel. It is Strong, rugged and outlasts many other types of metal. On the other hand you have Aluminum. Aluminum is somewhat cheap and a light building material but it is not so long lasting. Making car ports out of metal give you great flexibility in design. It also gives you the option of choosing what will be the size of your car port, if it will be attached to the house or a free standing element. You can also Design what kind of roof you would want it to be, with metal you can have Flat, Curved and Even Corrugated Roofs. If you can choose the kind of roof that you can have then you can make sure that your Car port goes with the overall Design of your house.Now moving onto the other material, Timber Carports.

Timber Car ports will require the essential Structural elements like supporting posts, rafters and Beams and so on. You need to make sure that the timber stands up to the weather conditions so it’s better to use either pine timber or Treated timber. The roofing can be any type such as Color bond, Zincalume or polycarbonate. This also gives you the flexibility of choosing the type of roof be it pitched, gabled or flat to suit the design of your house. The Timber roofs are usually cheaper than that of Metal Car ports probably because they are manufactured of timber only on site by the workers and don’t require so much of Professional Help. The timber car port is also custom designed. It can be made out of completely Pre-fab kit, materials like Pre-cut timber, roof sheeting and Galvanized Fixing. One Problem that may Occur with timber is that it Expands and contracts as the temperature varies and changes. This may require slight bit more maintenance. Timber can be Stained or painted to any color one wants.

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