You were born with a personal guidance system set to always lead you in the direction of your dreams, what your heart calls you to become. This internal GPS is your intuition, the voice of your Higher Self, your Inner Being or what I playfully call the Wizard Within. Wizards are alchemists, after all. They know how to turn dreams into reality.

When you tap into, listen and follow this inner wisdom resource you will always speak and act in the direction of who you want to be, what you want to do and all that you desire. When you are detached; when you ignore your intuition you will veer off course, without question.

"Know thyself." - Socrates

When I lived a life full of self-doubt and fear I would always second guess myself, my own intuition. I grew to hate and fear tests of any kind. Misguidedly believing that I was just not smart enough to have the right answers I often changed my intuitive knowing answer to what ultimately proved to be the wrong answer. I had difficulty maintaining a decent grade average throughout school that only served to give energy and 'proof' to my thought that I just didn't have the smarts everyone else did. Truth is I was absolutely smart enough. My original answers were most often correct yet I doubted my own intuition. Teachers would lament that I was not living up to my potential and they were right.

Firmly believing that I wasn't smart enough or good enough at anything to score well on an exam of any kind, I avoided them as if they were some dreaded disease. As in my youth, I struggled with tests I had to take and often had to retake these tests in order to achieve a passing grade. Visits to the DMV were dreaded because the written test loomed large. Thankfully I didn't have to take that awful test very often. Until today.

"Every man, through fear, mugs his aspirations a dozen times a day." ~Brendan Francis

I recently moved back to California and had to register my car and get a state drivers license. I had long since learned that I'm not merely smart enough, I am actually very bright. I learned how to tap into and trust my intuition and it had served me very well over the last few years. Yet on the way to the DMV I felt that old sick feeling in my stomach when I thought about the test I would have to take and pass in order to get what I wanted - a California drivers license.

The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach was the first sign that I had started to veer off course, move away from what I wanted to achieve. I wanted a California drivers license and know I was entertaining thoughts filled with doubt and fear. Tapping into that wise Wizard Within, I reminded myself of all the things I had done well in my life; things that if I didn't have a brain in my head I could not do. It began with learning how to walk! Heck, if I thought to myself that I was just not smart enough to learn how to walk the first time I fell on my butt I would still be crawling around on my hands and knees!

I was feeling more confident as I took the test, read each question for clarity, made my choice and marked my answer. As I stood in line to turn my exam in to be graded I started to hear the voice of that old Inner Critic serving up doubt that I made the right choice, got the right answer. Ignoring the fact that I know how to drive, have managed to drive for decades without losing my license and had passed the test (ultimately) before, I was about to make a few changes to my test answers when I mindfully stopped myself. I took a deep breath and reconnected with my GPS who reminded me that choices made from fear and self-doubt would always lead me in the direction I did NOT want to go. Choices made centered in the truth of who I am, confident and tapped into my unlimited internal resource of wisdom and intuitive guidance will always deliver that which I seek. I made no changes to my test as I once had in the past.

I aced the exam. Got every question right and I hadn't even read the California Driver's Handbook! Woo-Hoo!

It's a seemingly small example of how everything you need to be, do and have what you want in life is already within you. Never doubt your ability to create the life experience you long for. What your heart longs for is what you are here to do, your purpose in life. It is why you were given your very own, unique, GPS to guide you to fully express your fully potential. Tap into this wisdom that is your birthright and you will always be guided well as you turn your dreams into reality!

"The unconscious is our best collaborator."- Director Mike Nichols

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