Education is an important aspect of every child’s life. For a country to prosper it should have 100 percent literacy level which solely depends on the education structure built by the government. CBSE, Central Board of Secondary Education forms the basis of this educational structure. It aims at conducting examination for the students of 10th class and 12th classes, with the question papers solely based on the textbooks.

CBSE board is a self financing body, which does not need financial support from the government or any other such body. Its expenditures are met by the annual exam charges, affiliation fee, and admission fee for PMT, All India Entrance Examinations and sale of Board’s Publications. The education system has changed since ages; the formula for rote learning is long gone and the board has introduces new ways of friendly learning where the students are free to voice their opinions. It focuses on reforming examinations and evaluation practices. Skill learning is the main motive where the student is job oriented and even the teachers are recruited according to the changing demands of times, which can relate with the students well and teach in a friendly manner. The CBSE Board conducts public exams in 10th and 12th class and grant affiliated certificates to the qualifying candidates of affiliated schools.
The CBSE has announced that the board exam pattern will change from 2011. According to the new rule the 10th class board exam will be optional and will be replaced by internal assessment, the same kind of questions will be asked in the exam as asked in the earlier cbse exam question paper. Many students are stressed with their percentages, so the board has decided to bring in the new grading system. However, cbse board has not spoken about implementing any such system in the 12th class. This system is basically taken to make education stress free for the students, considering the kind of depression students get in after failing the exams. Some even take major steps like committing suicides for not being able to get the marks as expected. New pattern for cbse 10th class cbse board exams:
Interest Evaluation test will be taken
To get certificate student should get minimum 33 percent in 5 subjects.
Students will be graded
If a student gets E1 grades he/she can sit for re-exam
Students getting E2 will fail

Cbse board has been growing since ages, and continues to grow with the changing society. The 10th class exams and 12th class exams are the most crucial exams for the students but the question paper is as simple as any other exam so one need not take it as a nightmare, rather study well and score good.

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