There are over 70 billion cells in our body. Each of these cells need nutrients in order to stay healthy and to produce energy. The renewal cycle of our cells is around 90 days. A healthy cell will reproduce two healthy cells. An unhealthy cell in turn reproduces two unhealthy cells.

Our body is often referred to as a fireplace. A good fire needs three elements in order to burn and glow properly: air (oxygen), wood (nutrients) and ignition to light the fire (vital substances). Ashes are the result of the burning process. Ashes need to be cleared away from the fireplace on a regular basis, otherwise the fire will not give the optimum warmth to us. Our body works the same way as a fireplace: our body, our cells, need oxygen, nutrients and vital substances to function properly and to stay healthy. As a result of this ”burning” process metabolic toxins and waste are created. These need to be ”cleared” away from our body – the same way we clear away ashes from our fireplace. This way we ensure that the metabolism and the vitality of cells continue to be there. We can do this by having vital substances, antioxidants as productive substances in our nutrition.

If a cell does not get enough vital substances, nutrients and oxygen, it becomes unhealthy. An unhealthy cell in turn reproduces two new unhealthy cells. Nutrients are fuel for our cells and oxygen is the elixir of life for our cells. We can survive for three months without eating, three days without drinking, but we survive only for three minutes without oxygen.

A little child has a lot of energy. A child is usually busy all the time. It seems like a small child's energy is neverending. Later on, our energy level decreases when our cells eventually become unhealthy, and they do not produce any more energy as much as before. This can be seen as different health disturbances, for example, different aches, sleeping problems, concentration problems. Little by little, we may get more and more serious medical conditions (allergies, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc). In principle, there is only one disease and that is lack of energy: our cells do not produce enough energy and that's when various health problems get started. If we care for our cells and give them the nutrition they need, they will produce energy and stay healthy. The difference between life and death is a cellular energy production. When we are dead our cells produce 0% energy.

Food today contains less nutrients than for example 15 years ago. According to many scientific studies we are not getting all the vital nutrients we daily need from the food we eat. The soil does not contain the same amount of nutrients as before due to the intensive cultivation, for example. Also the long transportation distances also play an important role in the poor nutritional content of fruits and vegetables: they are picked when they are raw and then transported a long way. Vital substances are created in the sun light only, and fruits and vegetables should be picked when they are ripe to ensure the best possible content of nutrients and vital substances. There are gaps in our dailiy nutrition because of the decrease in nutrients in the food we eat daily. We can fill in these gaps with nutritional supplements. However, nutritional supplements should only be used for supplementing our daily individual nutrition, they do not replace our daily meals.

We are what we eat – and what we absorb in our body and system. The basis for individually optimized nutrition is a well-balanced basic diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein from vegetable and animal sources and grain products. When the basic diet is supplemented with targeted nutritional supplements, we come to individually optimized nutrition. If we give our cells what they need, they work well and provide us with energy. When our cells are healthy then we are also healthy, energetic and feel good. This also shows clearly in our outer appearence.

Our health is based on the food we eat. Our organs and tissues are built from the food and drink which we use as our nutrition, as the fuel for our cells. Unfortunately, today, the food we eat contains less nutrients than for example 15 years ago. We also get synthetic particles to our body and our system on a daily basis from the processed food we eat, from the air we breathe and from the water we drink. Nutritional supplements help our body to deal with these synthetic particles which are foreign to our body. Nutritional supplements fill in the gaps we have in our nutrition, boost our immune system, give us energy for the day and during night take care of regeneration for the next day.

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Annukka Huotari has been involved in the beauty and wellness industry for past 13 years. During these years she has gained experience on beauty care and preventive health care.
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