If you are looking for a meditation technique which can help you achieve stress relief and also physical and emotional healing, then chakra meditation is the best method for you. This technique might be slightly more complex than the others and requires a deeper understanding of the seven chakras or energy points of the body. But if followed regularly, the effects of this one can be immense and profound helping you achieve the much desired physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Since this technique revolves around focusing your attention on the seven different chakras, it is important that you get a good understanding of what these energy centers are, where are these located and what do each of them stand for. This ancient art of meditation is extremely beneficial for relieving stress and tension and unblocking the energy channels so that there is a smoother flow of universal energy through your body. This energy has great healing powers and if channelized in the right manner to the right chakra can offer you healing as well as provide answers for the problems and troubles that you are facing in your life. Chakra meditation for each energy center is known by a traditional name and it is important that you know these terms too.

Root chakra is also known as Muladhara and sexual chakra as Svadhisthana. The other name for navel chakra is Manipura and Anahata stands for heart chakra. Throat chakra meditation is known as Vishuddha and Third Eye as Ajna. The last chakra is crown and this is also known by the name Sahasrara. Each of these chakras represent a particular organ or system in our body; hence if you have any health issue or medical problem pertaining to a particular organ, then meditating on the relevant chakra can bring you a lot of relief. You can also achieve a sense of well being and harmonize your inner self by focusing your energy on these energy centers.

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