In the universal story of energy and its expression through the tissue of the body, the story is incomplete without reference to the chakras (or energy centers) of the body.

Dating back thousands of years, human beings have sought to find ways to capture, describe and understand their discovery of knowing - instinctively and intuitively - that we are so much more beyond our physical body; and that we are connected from the physical to the metaphysical, always held in the arms of the divine.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and articles on the Chakras; not to mention huge volumes of information to be found on the internet. I leave it to you to explore and discover at your own pace. My preference here, is to share with you what I have discovered about myself and about the thousands of people that I’ve worked with over the last 25 years, that has made a difference for me and for the people with whom I’ve engaged.

Having chosen to live my life as an expression of a Quantum Biological Human™, I am ever mindful of the intimate relationship that exists between my physical body and the essence of my Being... the essential Nature of who and what I am... as an expression of Spirit in tissue. For me, the chakras have moved from being something that I researched and studied (something ‘out there’ to refer to) to inseparable aspects of the wholeness of the I AM that I am in a physical world. With my body as the Quantum Biological Processor, the chakras are the seemingly invisible points of conversion for the energy or information that I AM in purest form, to be made manifest in a physical world. Without those points of conversation, I would not be able to be experienced in this realm.

Although there are considered to be hundreds of chakras (or spinning centers of energy or light) in the body, we tend to speak only of the seven primary chakras. These run from the base of the spine to slightly above the top of the head, along the conduit of the spine. Think of the spine as a physical metaphor for the energetic conduit that allows the energy and information in flow to be received, converted, interconnected and transmitted along the channel of the spine; facilitating distribution through the entire device of the body. With each chakra having its own location, it is never out of touch with any of the other chakras. Life Force or energy or spirit - call it what you will! - is received by and transmitted from each of the chakras. This energy/information then emanates from the chakras into the tissue that surrounds it, sending messages of life and vitality; as well as invitations for redirection and discovery that in our reality, often present as illness or disease.

Each of the chakras, from the Root chakra located at the base of the spine to the Crown chakra that sits just above the top of the head, is intended to manifest its own unique expression of Being. These guiding impulses ensure that Life Force energy moves from the metaphysical into the physical, and the reverse; and that Pure Consciousness or Source might continue to discover itself in more and varied ways.

Think of the quantum biological device of the body as the bridge between a number of perceived dichotomies such as energy and matter, potential and reality, the Sacred and the secular, or the magical and the mundane! Like your television must be able to pluck the signal for Channel 12 from the vast array of other signals that flood the perceived empty space around you; and that it must be able to take that perceptibly invisible signal and convert it to the pictures and sounds that you can enjoy, so your body is the device that can discern the unique signal of YOU from the myriad other signals that are in constant flow and convert that signal to ensure your sustained physical presence in a physical world.

Beyond that, your body is also designed to make finer and finer distinctions in the pure energy of the signal that you are, using the signal itself to guide and prod and invite the unique being that you are into its unique expression of original intent, in your physical life. To be sure, no small feat!

We work with the notion of Signals Dancing as a way of seeking to ‘make sense’ of our world and how else we might move through it. In addition to the competing signals of external referencing - things like expectations and judgements, rewards and punishments that we have come to know as ‘reality’ - and the internal signals of acquired wisdom from learned experience, there is also the ever-present Signal from Self (the signal from the origins of our Being) that is in constant flow. The chakras or spinning wheels of Life are the conduits for the power of this Essential Signal to be in flow through tissue.

As this signal flows into and through us, each of the energy centers tracks for and converts this signal to practical application in our lives. In these wheels of Life, the signal from the origins of Self mingles with the signals that come from the process of being alive, transforming physical tissue to reflect the dance of these signals as a reflection of the current state of affairs of being ourselves!

The more we are willing to consider the messages from the energy centers through tissue in the physical body, the more able we become to get the messages and get on with the great and joyous adventure of living fully and living large! We are intended to be unhampered expressions of the godforce that we are! We are not intended to be small and puny in any aspect of our being, from the manifestation of our own lives to the co-creation of the very world in which we live and play.

In my world, the chakras or energy centers of the body are equivalent to powerful vortices of energy and information in transmission; a constant barrage of flow of intelligence carrying the invitation for us to notice... to pay attention!... and engage in accordance with our primary intention for being here. These vortices of energy and Life receive and transmit information that becomes the tissue of the body, offering us guideposts and markers to determine the course of our lives - always free to choose to engage or not.

These chakras or energy centers are not static but living, moving, awake and intelligent expressions of our Essential Being; unique yet interconnected Command Posts from which the wisdom of accumulated discoveries is shared freely and openly with any and all who are willing to listen. Without language, the vehicles for transmission of these messages are the internal cues that we far-too-often seek to ignore, particularly when they conflict with an existing ‘truth’ or ‘reality’; allowing our impulses or instincts about things to take a back seat to our habituations. Yet ultimately, the body becomes the last frontier through which these essential messages are delivered; a ceaseless, relentless and now-become-frantic attempt to ensure our awareness of the fact that the life we are intended to lead is at risk of being lost. By knowing the nature of the information each of the chakras offers, we become able to decipher the cues in body, language and behaviour and find our way back to a more life-enhancing way to engage.

In my life and in my work with others, the messages expressed through our physical being - sometimes in the presuppositions of the words we speak and sometimes in the power of the diseases we manifest - are to be ignored at our own peril. The connection between tissue as the matter of our being and energy or information as the Being that matters, plays itself out in what we have come to consider health and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. The chakras make it possible for us to begin to attribute specific points of interest and intent, leading us to discover more of ourselves.

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Louise LeBrun ( has been carving out new thought for more than 25 years. Not one to linger long on what is already known, the Great Adventure that is her life takes her into uncharted territory of body, mind and spirit and the potent discoveries yet to be found! Visit her website to find out more about what cutting-edge thinking has to offer!

This article is an excerpt from the Guided Reflections 2-CD set on ( Energy and the Chakras’.