Recently I needed to travel into the beautiful city of Vancouver British Columbia on business. Since these where to be all day sessions I took the beautiful Westcoast Express into the city. The train runs along the Fraser River all the way into the city. While sitting watching the river roll by, I recorded these thoughts I would like to share with you today.

It’s a totally different scene riding on the train this morning marvellously illustrating the way nature mixes it up each and every day, and how that is a great metaphor about what we should do in our lives. This morning instead of a thin layer of mist over the corn, there is a fierce yellow glow from the rising sun lighting up a hillside but stopping at the angry grey palette of cloud.
The river instead of being smooth is broken by little ripples as if it has goose bumps.

A small tug on the river is temporarily caught in a splash of golden light, sandwiched between the gunmetal grey of the water and the darker purple-grey undersides of the clouds.

It is like the vibrational essence has changed.

As we roll along I spend my time reading or gazing out at the river.

Reading “Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More” by Joe Vitale, Dr Hew Len ( A teacher of the Ho’oponopono cleaning technique) talks about the millions of bits of data that we process every minute and how we are conscious of only twenty or so of those pieces of data at the most.

This makes me wonder, as I sit in the train, watching the river and writing here, about all those bits of data pouring into me and the way they are being process out of site of my awareness and how much truth there is to the idea of putting complete faith in the divine…to know what to do with that data in a positive way for us, so that none of the data sticks where it shouldn’t…the Zero state described in the book, and how hard we sometimes work against ourselves by holding onto data that does not serve us any longer.

At our first stop, visible up the river, is a new bridge spanning the divide, reminding us that change is the process of life, that if we try to stand against the tide we do so at considerable peril; that it is better to be soft than hard, pliable rather than firm and brittle, and ultimately flowing with the tide leaves us with the energy to explore what we find when the tide washes us ashore.

Love: don’t resist.

Give: Don’t draw away.

Surrender: rather than fight.

Do this and we will not break. Instead the tide will wear off our edges and smooth the jagged spires of our souls to turn us into smooth polished gems that sit quietly in the bed of the river while the tides rage all around; solid in our softness, unyielding in our yielding, calm, serene and shinning with the light from which all things flow; source energy.

Have faith and your train will arrive in your station all in god‘s time.

Doesn’t that relax you…calm you…sooth you?

I will leave you with this quote by Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)

The First thing to understand about the universe is that no condition is “good” or “bad.” It just is. So stop making value judgments. The second thing to know is that all conditions are temporary. Nothing stays the same, nothing remains static. Which way a thing changes depends on you.

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