I have been through one enormous change in my life that was incredible and has helped me achieve so much that I wanted to share the one thing that really made it happen.

Just over fifteen years ago when I was 17, approaching 18, I was living in my car, on the street or on the occasional sofa. Not long after that I was living in a homeless shelter for teenagers. It was close to the lowest anybody can get and when I look back now it seems like it happened to someone else, another life.

Today I am a successful businessman, I have several properties including a vineyard in Europe, I travel, I have a lovely family and I have a great life. So what happened? How is such a radical transformation possible? How can you change your life this much?

It all started with one decision and one step. I made a firm, unwavering commitment to change my life. I had enough of all the mess and I drew a line. It might sound stupid but I had a word with myself, out loud I told myself that I had to sort myself out, that where I was at that time was not good enough and I had to fix the problem and make some serious improvements. I also said out loud to myself "whatever it takes" on a regular basis and I meant it.

That decision was absolute; if I had to bend the rules, lose some friends, work hard, get up early, stay up late, do things I didn't like for a while, learn things I struggled to understand, be nice to people I hated....whatever it took.

If I could give just one piece of advice about success and improving your life it would be that. Make the decision, stick to it and act on it. It's as simple and as difficult as that, it takes a few minutes to make that decision but a huge amount of courage and commitment to stick to it. The best of luck to you in everything you do in your life.

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Matt Kinsella is the author of How To Be Lucky, a book about how Matt came from a teenage homeless hostel to become a successful entrepreneur and his guide to how others can do something similar. How To Be Lucky is not about chance or the kind of luck you need to win the lottery it's about making your own luck. The philosophies and techniques Matt discovered that helped him turn his life around changed his life so much he saw no reason why he could not document them along with his story and turn them into his book How To Be Lucky, to help people achieve great success from nothing in the same way he did.

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