Many people nowadays tell us to change our thoughts to change our life. But is it that easy? I think success instead of failure and – snip – there it is. I think money instead of debt and – snip – there it is.

Would be nice – wouldn’t it? Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. Change your thoughts is an essential step into a better life, but this does not mean it is enough or even the main work.

You have to change your thoughts not only one time, you have to make it a habit to think positive – to think success – to think money – to think health. If it is true that thoughts become things, than we created our results. And if we are not content with our results, we probably have to change our thoughts to change our life to get better results.

But I personally believe that sounds a lot easier than it is. First of all, we are used to think negative. If we stand in a queue, it is the slowest one. If we plan for a day off in the nature it starts raining. If we try to get a certain job, another one will be promoted before us etc. etc.

Do you know such thoughts? No one of us is free from such thinking. We are used to expect the worst – so we are not disappointed if it happens. Isn’t it crazy to use our time with imaging bad scenarios and expectations that probably never comes? Instead of enjoying our time, at least before a certain scenario occurs, we spoil us our days with worries about things that can happen or not happen in an indefinite future.

Actually we are not finally certain, whether changing your thoughts will change your life alone – but it will improve your chances and you will be happy at least before any misfortune will occur.
And if we are lucky, this misfortune will never come because in our thoughts – in our imagination we have no space for it. Who knows?

Change your thoughts to change your life – finally it is worth a try. To focus on the good things in life will help us to see those good things, when they come along the path. Everything’s there all the time – black and white, good and bad, night and day, love and hate, laughing and crying, peace and war – everything’s there all the time. The quality of our life depends on the things we focus on.

So change your thoughts will finally help you to recognise the good things in your life – they exist but we don’t see them sometimes. Life will be the same perhaps, but if you change the way how to look at it, it will appear to you completely different. What do you think?

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