There are many popular books out today about how to change your brain. This of course is referring to changing your attitude, or more importantly - your thoughts. Your attitude determines every area of your life, and your thoughts determine your destiny. Change thoughts, change results, it's that simple.

Having a positive attitude and a good dose of self-confidence is necessary to succeed. When you combine these, you, too, can achieve great things.

Change Thoughts Change Your Outcome

In order to have positive attitude, you must be thinking positive thoughts. Think about how you feel when you think of a losing a loved one, those thoughts generate feelings, and it's those feelings that cause you to act.

You Are in Charge of Your Future

If you are having problems in your life - romantically, professionally, or anywhere else, you are the common denominator. Stop blaming yourself and feeling defeated, and know that you are in control of making the changes that will bring success to any area of your life.

Believe in Yourself

Do you become crippled with self-doubt when a challenge arises? Your spirit is capable of achieving great things when you use your willpower and positive, encouraging reinforcement. If you believe that you can do it, and put forth the effort, you will succeed.

Doubting your own capabilities only creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since you think you are going to fail, your mind sets out to make that belief true for you. Your thoughts will lead you to the actions that produce the result your mind is set on.

However, it can work the other way too. When you create positive thoughts around succeeding, along with images of that success, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy that produces those results as well.

Use Positive Reinforcement

When you believe in yourself and your success, that belief creates an air of confidence that will provide you with the motivation to take the required steps to move forward. This type of positive reinforcement allows you to see failures as opportunities to learn and grow, and to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Think of how you treat a child when they take their first few steps, you wouldn't chastise them when they stumble and fall, but praise them for their efforts - it's the same thing with yourself.

Replace the inner voice that is holding you back with one that is encouraging and focuses on the good qualities you bring to the table.

Begin convincing yourself that you have the ability to achieve greatness, and change your thoughts and inner voice to replace negative self-talk with a positive. Then, once you achieve that goal or get past the burden, you'll be armed with a healthy dose of confidence to keep you moving forward.

Your mind plays an integral piece in the level of success you experience and where you are today, as well as, where you will be in the future. Changing negatives thoughts and talk to positive will increase your confidence in your own abilities. Toss in a little drive and willpower, and you will be unstoppable!

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