In the waves of change there is an undertow that can pull you down. Unless you are consciously participating with the flow of the waters these days, you can lose yourself in one of life’s most debilitating obstacles to liberation – fear of change. It’s not to be taken lightly.

The subconscious mind has a vast database under the topic of “change”. Ego judges these countless experiences with change as good or bad, and the latter creates a litany of reasons not to allow change: “life was too unpredictable as a child so change is unsafe”, “I will make the same mistakes again”, “it was too painful to lose what mattered to me”, “I’m afraid to fail”, or “change can’t be undone”. Beyond our childhood wounds, our experiences from previous incarnations can add more complexity and resistance. For example, our cellular recall of the Atlantis cataclysm has been stirring fears during this ascension timeline.

The limited perspective that we are linear beings confuses the truth about ourselves as change-makers. When we decide to change or imagine it, the mind seems to expect us to move directly from A to B, oftentimes holding steadfast to this. This can create a pressure to know what to do, get “there”, get it right, or get it done fast.

However, we are naturally multi-dimensional and our energies dynamic and organic. Spirit is very rarely black and white and never demands the way ego does. Our Higher Self communicates symbolically, inviting us to follow the clues one at a time. Spirit has a wise plan for us, but we do not see it all in the micro view of our unfolding. We think that we meander and can lose our way, whereas, in truth, we cannot. There is no destination in love, only a series of choices and experiences. Every change, big or small, is an opportunity to reveal more about your truth to yourself – an adventure.

Living life without acknowledging ourSelves as eternal, whole beings is to only grasp a partial knowledge of who we are. To overlook our existence in multiple dimensions and timelines, or to turn a blind eye to our root race history or the galactic wars of which we are a part, or to diminish our God-spark, is to deny our infinite creative power and unlimited capacity for change.

We create more struggle than necessary through denial; fear arises from the hidden aspects of ourselves at which we dare not look. Ego believes that it’s safer to keep our level of self-awareness status quo no matter how ineffective we find life. Therefore, we live by a limiting intention with fear secretly defining us. However, when we participate consciously with change, we are empowered by moving through the fears that arise in the moments of new experiences. Theta healing and energy psychotherapy shine light on these dark unknowns and can release fears from old traumas, mind control, attachments and addictions, shift shameful perspectives, and clear false identities and masculine/feminine distortions, etcetera. In accepting any discomfort in our experiences, we support an intention of growth and allow change to occur more effortlessly.

Which intention are you holding in your life? What if you intended to know the truth of who you really are and consciously flowed with your fears as they surfaced? They could not pull you under. Wouldn’t you cultivate self-trust and feel liberated? Change is ever-present. Are you present to change?

Author's Bio: 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) discovered her innate gift of discerning consciousness patterns through her own challenging spiritual awakening, and counseling individuals in the last 20 years as an intuitive energy psychotherapist and 12-dimensional holographic healing facilitator. She's a master at unravelling any confusion in your concerns, even the really stubborn patterns that have kept you in fear and dampened your courageous faith. She gets right to the core of your issue with gentle, compassionate higher guidance. When she's not helping individuals, couples, children or animals, she continues to dedicate herself to humanity's liberation through the sacred, balanced embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine within. Her website offers over 100 educational and inspiring articles, free tools, and healing chants, so that we can all wake up one day to be in awe of the peace everywhere!