Since the evolution of the computer and software, many things have come and gone over all these years, but the trends of restoring your data always given special care and attention. Nonetheless, a lot of focus is placed on protecting your devices as well to prevent any kind of mishaps before they actually happen.

Ransomware is a hot trending topic these days. No doubt with the growth in technology has eased the lifestyle of people all across the globe, but on the other hand, the concept of cybercrime and ransomware has also brought our life to a standstill.

Ransomware has changed the entire concept and trend of data recovery and backup. As ransomware becomes more common, everyone will need to understand the changing trends of and about the growing demands of data protection and backup trends.

Through this article, you will also able to understand the various safe environment where you can keep your data safe and also know about the best practice that you must adapt to protect your information for future.

Here are some of the top industry environment which is widely used to save and protect data backup.

1.Embedded Intelligence: Embedded intelligence is a very burning term these days. It offers many amazing experiences in storing data. Furthermore, the embedded intelligence also possess energy efficient processor which enhances the speed of the processor to deliver the best possible sensor service with the help of the Internet of Things.

2.IoT and Machine Learning: With the growth of sensing, wireless message, and Internet technologies, we are now living in a world that is occupied with numerous smart things like the Internet of Things (IoT).Whereas the machine learning part provides extra influence on people's lives and mind and hoping that this trend will continue in the coming days for more storage of data for taking backup.

3.Multi-Cloud storage: Multi-cloud storage is one of the latest unstructured technology terms to capture the imaginations of industry experts. It's poised to become one of the hot technology trends in 2018 as more enterprises that have adopted the cloud base storage options. The finest part of Multi-cloud storing is that it can be managed by a single interface, which makes them convenient.

4.Vertical Focus: Vertical Focus is Major drivers of the data backup and recovery market. In fact, it is a new type of storage option for saving the ever-increasing amounts of content which are being generated from cloud services, Internet content providers, social networks, mobile devices etc.

5.Hybrid Storage: Hybrid storage solutions are developed and designed to offer the speed of solid-state drives (SSD's) with the efficacy and cost benefit of high size hard disks. Hybrid storage solutions are also believed to be the cost-effective option for improving storage performance.

Additionally, most forms of malware hide their infections, but ransomware boldly comes forward, declares itself and demands money or you’ll never see your favourite files again. Furthermore, in the event that you haven't avoided potential risk early, your decisions truly are either pay the cash or lose your documents. So whatever the backup policy you are applying, it’s recommended that you must stick to the below-mentioned point so that you don’t make any exceptions!

Here are 5 vital tips to keep your devices and information safe from ransomware:

a)Backup Your Data— Data protection is crucial for protecting your business's continuity. Thus paying a ransom just to get your data back is often a bad idea which often encourages the attackers. However, by taking some preventative measure you can protect your data on a regular basis. Use a backup drive, or backup to the cloud to save all your important information and consequently, you can save a lot of money without paying a ransom.

b)Use strong security— Antivirus software also play an important role in blocking some ransomware attacks by detecting variants of known viruses. Thus in order to protect your data make sure to run regular scans to prevent ransomware and other common threats. So check its validity and authenticity before you reinstall your data from backup.

c)Keep your software updated—If you do not want to see any kind of security threat related message of with data backup then it is highly recommended that you must purchase the licensed version of software developed by some top brands like SysInfoTools, Aryson Technologies who genuinely develop software only to protect its users whether they are individuals or IT professional from such cyber threats.

d)Be careful when you click— Many times while doing a research or finding information we click on certain web link of social media messages and even via text message which is created by Hackers with certain hidden virus or ransomware which really affects the smooth functioning of Software So be careful & don’t respond to messages from strangers or click on links in spam emails.

e) Disable your RDP — The Crypto locker/File coder malware often contacts target machines by via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a Windows utility that allows others to access your desktop remotely. If you do not require the use of RDP, Then its better that you can disable RDP to protect your machine from File coder and other RDP exploits.

Conclusion One of the main reason of flourishing such ransomware is the kind of money involved in this. However, as long as there is a money to be made from malware, you can bet that bad actor will do their best to attack your environment. So in order to discourage them from doing such things, it’s better to follow some of the best practice that I have suggested above, you can reduce the risk of infection.

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Purushottam Shrivastava is a technology expert working for key technology domains that revolve around Data Recovery and related software's. He got expertise on related subjects like SQL Database, Access Database, and Microsoft Excel. Loves to write on latest technology and data recovery subjects on regular basis.