Recently, I was talking to fellow entrepreneur, Wendy Robbins, about autosuggestion, one of the more powerful principles I teach in The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

Principle #11 teaches that the thinking The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy is based on is complete and throughout your whole corpus—it doesn't just include your conscious mind, it includes your subconscious mind, too.

In fact, it's your subconscious mind that really determines your actions, more than your conscious mind does. If your subconscious mind doesn't believe, for instance, that you're worthy of making sales, or that you're worthy of being in the room with the person that you need to call on to make the sale, you're going to be self-sabotaging yourself.

Look, you've got to change at depth—you've got to change your subconscious mind. The way to do it is by influencing your subconscious mind. In the book, I talk about other ways to do it, too.

I couldn't get into it in the book, but we also have a program called HoloMagic Wealth Programming, which involves deep trance training. Again, you're entering into the subconscious mind.

Here, the technique that's suggested—and this is what Napoleon Hill suggested—is creating affirmations. The thing that I put into the chapter that is acclaimed as genius is the Vakogëm Technology, the science of making affirmations.

Napoleon really made the case that you've got to have them and you've got to say them, because that's how you influence the subconscious mind—and it's true. And I say, "Look, you need present-tense, associated, vakogëm affirmations and visualizations of your goal." There's that "vakogëm" again. I'm not going to go too deep into it, but I will explain what that is.

That is an acronym, just like "NASA" is an acronym… NASA stands for "National Aeronautic and Space Administration." Vakogëm—once you've said it a few times, you'll catch hold of the word—reminds you of what you want to put in your affirmations when you're making them.

You want to put in the Visual element—that's the "V" of vakogëm. You want to put in the Auditory element—that's the "A" of vakogëm “K” is the kinesthetic, which moves over into movement—your goals are going to determine what those are. “O”, the Olfactory: what do you smell in your environment? Again, your goals.

If your objective is to be the best floral designer in all the world, olfactory's going to be a massive part of your visualizations. For me, the olfactory might be having a good meal whenever we've accomplished something, which ties into the vakogëm's "G," which is Gustatory.

And then there's the "E", emotion. We say, always put in the emotional element. You know, something like, "This is better than the Oscars!" or whatever would be emotional to you. And finally, "M," movement. The human mind loves novelty, loves movement, and you don't want to be bored.


So you've got to intentionally create good affirmations that you say over, and over, and over again. Write them on note cards, have them in your purse or in your pockets, and say them over and over again, every chance you get—because you're programming your subconscious mind.

And that vakogëm, again—it's just present-tense associated vakogëm, and now you know what you need to do to create good affirmations. You can do it anywhere. It really is very powerful.

Hypnosis also works, and that's actually what HoloMagic Wealth Programming is. And what's interesting about the subconscious is, it's not a fighter—it just says "yes." So if you're saying, "I'm poor," it just goes, "Yeah, okay, got it." And it starts bringing you the experiences that you're saying you want. "Hey, I'm poor."

It doesn't make a judgment—it doesn't have that faculty. It just simply says "Yes." So if you could keep it focused on that which you want, on a sensory level you're getting it to play along with you.

So you've got to convince your subconscious mind… and one of the other things about the subconscious is that most of our opinions were formed before the age of two. You could've been a child who had a wonderful infancy, but one day you were slopping around in dirty diapers and it just really revolted you. That could be what you remember, subconsciously of course.

You're thinking, "I'm not good enough, nobody listens to me," or, as Wendy put it, "My life is poop." And what happens is brainwave-locking. It's like a force field in science fiction that keeps intruders out.

You're operating at higher brainwaves now. Originally, when you were an infant, you were in a delta state. But now, most of your adult waking life is spent in beta, 4 levels above, and you can't get back to delta unless you've got a brain concussion, or are in a deep, deep, dreamless sleep. And so you don't get a chance to get re-programmed.

But the breakthrough neurosynergist sound technology™ can take you there… And once there, you can undergo a complete restructuring, Repatterning of your psyche, specifically as it relates to all the potential riches promised you in The NEW Think And Grow Rich.

And that's what the right kind of hypnosis can do—it takes you down to the delta state. Most really only take you into alpha. Entering only alpha while it can eventually bring success, has been vastly superseded by the high-tech / high-touch technology of HoloMagic Wealth Programming.

And that's what repeating affirmations with REAL emotion can do. They can get you down there and then change the way of thinking of your subconscious yes-person.

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