The Astral healer website attracts many people who have problems. I always hear about the problems with a spiritual practice before I hear the good things about it. People who had problems with channeling are the reason I wrote my article Magical Access and Permission. It says what not to do but yet I feel that I have not addressed the fact that there are people who are for real and do channel divine energies.

I do not channel spirits. I was born with a part of me that has always known how to deal with the problems of psychic warfare, and demons and does it as a life purpose. I am meant to protect humankind and help them to destroy the things that remove the divine spark from their body, mind and soul. I feel myself become one and be more powerful with the divine every time I try to solve spiritual problems. Yet the people involved always have to show their wiliness to change and to redeem their divine nature.

So I asked a friend of mine, David Baker for help as he channels and the divine is around him. I know because I have seen it and he also has photographs of angelic energies which I believe is too cool. So I have some input on how becoming a channel is supposed to be done. The link for his website is:

Always find a teacher and do not channel until you find one that has trained students and knows the problems. The reason for this is a good teacher knows how the energies are supposed to be done and the proper safe way to do it. Some things that must be done are to ask for the protection of the angels and your guides. You need this support network as they will close off anything that could harm you.

A website that can help you with this is
She teaches classes and has references from other people who channel. I also checked out the prices and she is reasonable and gives anyone who wants to channel a resource for training online.

Next you ask the name of what you are channeling so if you need Archangel Michael to help you ask for his help. Never channel an unnamed source. If you do not know the name then look it up on the computer and see what it stands for and does. Any thing that is unnamed do not channel.

If a man with a strange hair cut and aluminum hat said I am the Ascended Master George from the star Sirius and I can tell you wonderful things. Would you welcome him into your home, and accept what he said? It is the same thing accepting an unknown named energy that states it is an ascended master or angel. You do not allow it.

A regular divine channel will do the work and sight through the third eye, energy through the crown chakra, and create an overshadowing of the person through all three of these energies and the back of the neck. Love, truth and positive intentions are necessary to get the divine.

People, who want to channel to hear angels, feel they are special, or try to say it makes them important or superior are the people who have problems. The reason for this is they do not have love and truth as intentions. They are linking it to themselves and their purposes. Angels only appear when the divine is involved and it is to further the divine on this earth by helping others and charity. It is working through your purpose on what the divine needs you to do and be of service to others.

It is not about feeling special, feeling superior or better than others so that is something to remember. The problem people also are not overshadowed by the divine energies or protected. The back of the neck chakra is opened by another force and they are blocked from the very connection to the divine that they want so badly. In Asia the back of the neck chakra is called the chakra of death or point of death. It makes sense why something evil would want to use that chakra to harm people and to access them.

Never let anything manipulate or open your back chakra. People with out protection do not know how to stop these energies and I suggest that you read the Angelic shielding method on my website. I have seen people who channel forces that have no name and then claim they are ascended masters. The forces use them to open up the back of the neck chakras with out any of the safeguards. They state it is safe but the people around them suffer fatigue, chaos, energy fluctuations, and inability to ground and center.

The people suffering this opening of the back neck chakra then hear voices all of the time. The supposedly good ascended master pinched them, hurt the people they were around, and many other malicious deeds. No angel or ascended Master would act that way so you know if you have this type of problem that you did not get an angel or divine spirit but got something negative or evil instead.

You can seal your neck chakra with protective oils but also realize that grounding and centering will stop the dizziness of something trying to access you. Banishing the energies or other methods will remove it permanently. A simple banishing is “May my guides, and all the archangels help me by banishing and removing the energies trying to access me.” If it is a person then banish and seal your energies where it will never allow the energies again. Protective oils can be used upon the back of the neck. I like herbal shampoos, conditioners and lotions with protective herbs to do this.

Always be aware of the fact that good may attract good but you have to be careful. You do that in your life every day. The other planes are the same way so that balance and control will make it so positive experiences follow you and your abilities.

Nita Hickok (c)2009

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I am a ordained Interfaith Minister, and have studied many different religions. I have been a member of two mystery schools where I studied many diverse subjects. I am a demonologist, exorcist, and spiritual counselor. I have done over 100 exorcisms, and have 39 years of experience at resolving spiritual problems. I am also a author, and have the website.