Bankruptcy sounds bad; but it is not as bad as it sounds. On the contrary, Chapter 13 of bankruptcy lets you have enough time to reorganize your financial life so that you can repay your debts. You are under the protection of bankruptcy court.

Chapter 13 can do these:

• It can save your house and car; to be precise, your material possessions.
• It can enhance your credit score.
• It can help you restructure your debt payment plan in a manner that it suits your present financial status.


Under Chapter 13, creditors cannot make any debt collection from the bankruptcy filer for the particular period he or she has filed for Chapter 13. The Chapter also allows you to safeguard some or all of your assets, depending upon your case. A qualified Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland can help you file for bankruptcy and guide you through the entire process.

Top benefits

You obtain an automatic stay. This stops your creditors from calling you for debt collection. So, you get time to re-arrange your finances. This stay proves to be your “weapon” to fight financial crisis. You can also use it for mortgage lenders and car lenders.

Your wage garnishments stop at once. This is a big relief, as wage garnishments can make living hellish on an already tight budget. Imagine 25 per cent of your paycheck being cut every month!

The real benefit of Chapter 13 is unveiled when the bankruptcy court approves your bankruptcy plan. You need to sit with your lawyer and prepare this plan in a meticulous and impeccable manner.

A lawyer is absolutely needed

It is crucial to file for bankruptcy in the correct manner. Omissions or errors can cost you more than what you owe to your creditors. That’s why; you should never hesitate to contact a reputable law firm in Maryland for a competent lawyer. An initial consultation with him or her helps to analyze your case and understand what needs to be done. The lawyer discusses your income, expenditure, liabilities, assets, and objectives. Please be honest with your lawyer so that he or she can successfully save you from financial doom.

Once you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland, you are assigned a 341 meeting date. During this hearing, you meet your bankruptcy trustee in the presence of your lawyer. From now on, the trustee is the person whom your creditors will call for queries about your debt.

Filing for bankruptcy is easy and quick provided you do this through a competent Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Maryland. Otherwise, the process is cumbersome and complicated. As a layman, you first need to understand the terms of law and the procedures. This consumes time and energy. Simply knowing the law and the filing process does not guarantee that you will be able to file smoothly without errors and omissions.

It is wise to have an expert by your side during a crisis. When you have no time to understand the law, call a lawyer.

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