Have you ever met a couple that was just so nice and kind to each other that it made you physically ill. You swore to yourself and anyone who would listen that it was nothing more than an act. That behind closed doors they probably couldn't stand the thought of each other and argued like Al and Peg Bundy.

Truth to tell there are more than a few couples who are exactly what they appear. They love each other passionately and go out of their way to avoid harsh words or negative actions that will make the other person feel bad.

The majority of marriages are not so fortunate but at the same time they are not at the other extreme either where the nagging and arguing never seem to end. Some couples actually delight in the constant battles and feel it makes them better. For the rest of us not so much, although we do accept it to a degree. It is just the reality of two people living under the same roof.

You and your significant other may have experienced your shares of ups and downs. Now however something in your opinion is very wrong. It is not that you want to look a gift horse in the mouth yet you could not help but notice that your partner has turned on the charm. They are being nice to you. In fact from where you stand over nice.

One of the things that a cheating partner does to throw you off the trail is to amp up the nice meter. They treat you like gold in the hopes that you won't suspect anything. It quite often works. You are so busy enjoying the extra attention and love that the thought of them doing something to damage the marriage never occurs to you.

It could also be guilt. They know what they are doing is wrong and this is their way of making it up to you. Not that they have any intention of ending the affair but it goes along way to making them feel better.

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