When we wake up in the morning, what do we think about first? Is it what do I have to do next, where do I have to go today, or what needs to be done? How rarely do we think about how we are doing and what we need? So often we overlook ourselves from the very beginning. It starts when we wake up and continues throughout our day. Throughout the day that belongs to us, for every day is ours, all day long. And yet we spend the majority of our time doing what we think we should do, or acting how we think we should act. We do this without ever really looking at ourselves or listening to what we need. We become too busy for ourselves. This is easy to do because life can be distracting. But we forget that life is there for us, not the other way around.

We do not exist to work through life; we are meant to be present and in the moment, present with ourselves and the life we are living. We need to connect to ourselves several times on a daily basis. It may seem silly, but this small practice from the moment you wake up until you go to bed keeps you grounded. For you will be living life from the very center of you, not from your mind or your thoughts, but solely from you. The more often you check in with yourself the easier life will feel because you will be more present in your own life. It is like reading a book and ignoring the outside world; that is our thoughts and imaginations, our mind, at work. We should try putting the book down for a moment and just be, with nothing else but ourselves.

When we put aside our thoughts, our chores, our habits, our agendas, we exist where we really are. And in this space we can see and be clearer. This doesn't mean you can't pick up the book again, but sometimes it is good to reset ourselves by actively trying to be present within ourselves and our surroundings. The next time you wake up, remind yourself not to immediately go into your normal course of things, but to first just be, to wake up present. During the course of your day, take a small moment to be you by just being present in the moment. What this means is that you clear your mind, let your emotions settle, try to not do anything, and try to only be with where you are and how you are. This is a grounding practice that connects you to you. It's okay to drift away, for this happens, but with intention it only takes a moment to recenter yourself. You will find it fulfilling, even if you only do this for very short periods. Being present with yourself is like giving yourself a break; it is allowing yourself to be with nothing, no needing, no doing, nothing but yourself and where you are. This is okay; in fact it is wonderful. Let your mind rest, let your emotions relax, and then you can and will be present. You will then be much more aware of yourself, your needs, and your life.

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