Be aware right away that I am not talking about scary or cold or "other side" chills here, but rather the "good chills" most of us experience with music and/or words of truth. This is about a phenomenon most people feel and forget----hense-----hiding in plain sight.

When I was discussing the "good" chills energy with a gentleman named Rod from England recently, he noted that he had had a life changing experience with the chills energy which he also referred to as the tingles. I asked him what happened after his life changing experience.

He said, " I recall years ago, just after I'd had my 'big' experience with the chills energy; I was so excited I was telling everyone. Mistake! A couple of people were genuinely interested, but most looked at me as if I'd 'lost it', and one 'friend' even disappeared for good because, as he told someone, "he's gone a bit funny."

"Well, I'm quite happy to be 'a bit funny'! That one experience in many ways has defined my life and I am so grateful that it happened. The one thing that does amuse me now is that I can talk about it today and people will still think I'm crazy, YET EVERYONE HAS FELT THE SAME ENERGY. Talk about hiding in plain sight!"

I told Rod I had written a comprehensive book called "The Chills Book" and my goal was to increase awareness of the "chills" energy and the possibility of people invoking the energy.... AT WILL. Rod had gone to my web site,, filled out my questionnaire and noted that he felt chills with music mostly.

I suggested he try to invoke the chills...AT WILL... and his response was....

"Don, following your last email, I decided to try and channel the chills at will. So I got out several CDs of music that moves me and played them one after the other - I had a great time... lit up like a light bulb! Thanks for putting the idea into my head."

Now I am not saying I am a guru or anything like that------I just am a vessel-----a person who accidentally learned how to channel the chills at will. My goal is to have people TRY to invoke the chills as Rod did.

So, I CHALLENGE YOU to put on music which "touches and moves you." If you feel the chills you are invoking them. It is no longer a RANDOM experience for you to be forgotten.

Also, do you know that you can invoke the chills with statements? I and others can with "I AM" statements when we want. And I have also sent this chills energy through myself to help others.

I CHALLENGE YOU also to try saying just a few affirmations slowly (with a few breaths to calm yourself)........


Again, if you feel the chills you are invoking them. It is no longer a RANDOM experience.

So what is this energy "hiding in plain sight!?"

My belief is that we are opening our chakra system when we feel the chills and are at one with the Divine, even for a moment or two. What do you think? It is a new frontier.

What if we can invoke the chills at will? Is it be possible for us to help ourselves and others with this Divine energy? Jesus said we would be able to do more than him.

So did you take the challenge?

You may be amazed! Share your experience with me.

Author's Bio: 

Don Wadington MBA

Have helped many people over the years with the Chill(s) energy.