It is reported that Chinese wife in 21st century is becoming more and more popular among the world, especially in England. Chinese wife is known for their bravery and abilities. On the Internet, it has been said that it is better to marry a Chinese girl. Though we cannot make a conclusion about all the roles Chinese wife plays in English cross cultural marriage, Chinese wife in English-speaking countries shows their independence and confidence.

Chinese wife in the past
In the history of China, the so-called housewife is Chinese wife. They were mainly responsible for giving birth to children, taking good care of the whole family and assisting their husband and bringing up the children as well.

Chinese girls in 21st century
In traditional ideas, the East is associated with tradition while West, modernization. But in real life, it may be in some cases but is not always. With higher education single and beautiful Chinese girls become open-minded. They have their own intelligence, ideas and careers. Their images have been improved greatly. Their outlooks become very wide and they have widened their sphere of knowledge. They are independent Chinese girls of the 21st century with independent thoughts, independent abilities and financially independent.

Chinese wife of the new generation
The image of Chinese girls have changed a lot and more western gentlemen are attracted by their unique features. Chinese girls have the idea of going out and accept cross cultural marriage. As a result, there are much more cross cultural marriage with Chinese wife all over the world. Let's have a look at the great charms of Chinese wife.
On the one hand, some Chinese wives are a light and leader in the career field. They are fed up with being the stooge of their husband and family. On the other hand, they inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of China. They not only take care of the whole family. Also they are good at housekeeping. They are well-educated and sensible.

In a sense, some Chinese men feel like they are under too much strain when they get married with an excellent Chinese wife. On the contrary, gentlemen in the English-speaking countries take pride in having an outstanding wife.

Western men like Chinese girls because of the attraction of oriental culture and the charms of Chinese women. They have winned the respect, appreciation and love from western gentlemen. Today's Chinese wife is loved by vast number of western gentlemen. Chinese wife in cross cultural marriage has been a prevailing a trend.

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