An expectant mother is called soaptly. There is so much you are expecting - not just bringing to the world a new life - but also the way your life is going to change forever. However, few ladies are prepared for the various changes that occur in their bodies. You would have expected morning sickness, weight gain, and heavier breasts; but were you prepared for swelling of the legs and arms, elevated blood pressure, upset stomach, constant pressure on the urinary bladder as the baby grows inside you, and severe mood swings?

Adjust to the Changes in Your Body

When the embryo grows, it places the mother’s lumbar spine and pelvis under ever increasing stress. Since chiropractic care works on the principle of restoring motion to the spine to allow your nervous system function better, take advantage of chiropractic care during pregnancy to enable the reduction of much of the distress you might be suffering. We try and bring the baby to the optimal position for a relatively quicker, and painless vaginal delivery by releasing the tension in the ligaments which attach the uterus to the spine, and support the growing embryo. No pressure or external force is applied directly to the baby during such adjustments. Keep in mind that we don’t turn a baby who is already in a breech position.

Protection during birthing:

The shorter the labor, the better it is for both mother and child. This has the double advantage of reducing the wear and tear of the mother’s body parts, while protecting the baby from mechanical injury during the birthing.

Get Relief from Back Pain

Just as some people go through life without a day’s illness; similarly some ladies sail through their pregnancy without any morning sickness, aches and pains. However, back pain is the commonest complaint that expectant mothers suffer. This results from the center of gravity shifting making you bend backwards to compensate for the forward shift in your pelvis. By establishing pelvic balance using adjustment and massage enables the muscles and tendons to relax, which relieves the pain in your joints, hip, and back.

Ease your breathing:

Further, as your internal organs get squished from the growing baby, your diaphragm is unable to function properly. The additional weight you are carrying changes your normal posture. Deep breathing combined with appropriate adjustment would relieve your distress. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safer because it is a holistic form of care and rehabilitation.

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