Choose Happiness

Most of wait for something great to happen in our lives before we put on the smile and feel happy! But really, happiness is a choice and why not make yourself happy rather than waiting for happiness to come to you?

Seriously, nobody is coming to save you so if you want to shake your life up a bit and get happy then you can start by making a few simple changes to your day.
What are the first words you say to yourself in the morning? Do you grunt and moan at the thought of going to work or groan that you have to get out of bed? Well, if you do, you are setting yourself up for a miserable day so why not choose to make your day a good one instead? How about declaring that you are going to have a great day and wonderful things are going to happen to you? Remember, whatever you think about you create so make sure you think happy thoughts!

How about writing a list of 50 things which make you happy and doing at least one of those things a day? They don't have to be huge expensive treats, it could just be something as simple as listening to your favourite song or walking barefoot on the beach.

Another great happiness technique is to write a list of things you are grateful for. Often we spend hours focussing on the things we don't have or how we wish things were different in our lives but what about spending a little time being grateful for all that you DO HAVE in your life? What about that job which allows you to pay bills and have a roof over your head? What about your family and friends?

Finally, a word of warning. If you don't feel like taking steps to make yourself happy, get honest with yourself and ask yourself what are you getting from staying unhappy? Do you get sympathy? Attention? Do people feel sorry for you? Do you feel you don't deserve happiness? If so, commit to doing something different this week and take action to make lasting change.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and author based in Sydney, Australia. She has run her own coaching practice for over 9 years and is a regular contributer to many magazines. Lisa is also an NLP Practitioner.

Lisa is the author of the popular inspiring DIY Coaching ebook which reveals everything you need to know: from achieving exciting goals, to identifying and releasing toxic emotions. This book allows you to easily take action to feel good EVERY DAY! See website for details and how to sign up free for Lisa's newsletter.

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