German Shepherd is an active and big size dog. Due to the size and physical activities of the dog, you need to feed good nutritious food to him. Giving a food which does not fulfill the daily nutrition need of your dog could lead to many health problems which are usually linked to the bones. You probably do not like to see your dog in pain or seeing them in difficulties when your dog is walking or sitting etc. So it is important that you must know a way of choosing food for German Shepherd which should be best in quality.

Here you can find some guideline by me and by the expert which you can use to purchase the best dog food. This guideline also includes information that how you can choose the best food and what are the important things which you need to keep in your mind when choosing foods for your dog.

Things to consider before choosing foods for your dog:

Age and life state of your German Shepherd:

Because the need of nutrition is different on different stages of the age. Puppy eat different food than adult dogs while senior dogs have totally different food requirements.

Body condition of your dog:

If your dog is overweighed then you have to choose totally different food as compare to the choosing foods for a thin or slim dog. Usually, you look at the ingredients and nutrition ratio.

Health history of your German Shepherd:

Your dog may have allergy from some specific food which causes vomiting or diarrhea. Your dog may be suffered from the medical condition like diabetes which can be worst by giving the wrong food etc. So, make sure to consider the health of your dog before choosing foods for him.

Your budget matters a lot:

Today, the dog food has been folding in three main categories, the raw food, premium food and healthy food. Each of them cost different but you can get same nutrition values in three of them, except there is usually the difference in taste. So, feed your dog which you can easily afford.

Know your dog's nutrition need:

Protein is not the only thing which your dog needs to keep alive and active. The dog also needs the healthy carb and fats. You must know about the ratio of protein, carb, and fats for your dog. The ratio and needs of this nutrition get different with the age and size of the dog. A good ratio could be only suggested by the vet of your dog.


Generally, there should be at least 22% of the protein in the puppy food while 18% in an adult German shepherd food. The protein source could be anything from chicken, beef, and lamb etc.

Healthy fats:

The food which has at least 5% of healthy fats are good for the dog. The fat should be taken from the healthy sources of animal fat, flaxseed and vegetable oil etc.


The carbs provide energy to the body but it does not mean that you are giving anything in the name of carbs. Make sure that they are getting from only healthy sources like oat, rice, carrots and sweet potatoes etc.

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