Uncommon baby names are becoming the choice of parents now a day, parents want that everyone appreciate or give attention to the unique name of their babies. When they call their young daughter or young boy in public or social gathering then everyone promptly ask the actual meaning of the baby name. The unique and uncommon baby names are praised by many in general.

Usually parents wish to give an old traditional name to their young baby, but it has been also seen that these days parents are choosing uncommon or more of a unique baby names for their young ones. We look into for unique names here and there and sometime also consider online website for collecting uncommon name for boys or girls. The researchers who analyzed baby name trends have attributed the increase in unusual baby names to a broader cultural shift from encouraging conformity to emphasizing difference.

Baby Name is a crucial decision

In order to shed a light on the importance of keeping a good name for your baby boy or baby girl, we start with the basis of the word “Name”. It originates from a word “nama”, which was used in early times. A name is the mirror of culture, religion and origin, and knowing about a person can be possible through the name for anyone.

Here are the uncommon baby names based on distinct categories:

Movie Character baby names – Jamie, Landon, Regina, Cady, Percy, Allison, Ron, Hermione, Jezebel
Color baby names- Pinky, Red, Yellow, Lilac, Purple, Harry, Argus, Arthur, Katie, Angelina, Lucius, Siruis, Vincent, Amelia, Hannah, Armando, Dennis, Graham

Mythical uncommon baby names – Aquil, Arsenio, Albin, Cloacina, Edesia, Invidia, Luna, Victoria, Fama, Cybele, Aurora

Biblical names – Abaddon, Abdi, Abihu, babel, Babylon, Parah, Pau, Perazim, Habor, Harmol, Hanes, Eglon, Elath, Elisabeth, Dabareh, Darah, Debir, Jahaz, Jonoah, raamiah, kezia.

Those names are uncommon and being used by some parents to name their babies nowadays. You'll be able to usually be as imaginative as you want when choosing a name for your baby but make sure to consider a lot more than just what is distinctive or funny. Keep in mind that your baby will have to deal with it for his whole life. With so a lot of names to choose from, hopefully within the process you are going to end up on something that just appears "the right name" to both you and your partner.

That is the gift of an unusual name: the ability to make it your own in a way that all the kids with the “normal” names can’t. In high school, the homecoming king was named Zebulon, Zeb to his friends. His confidence made his name “cool.” Which just goes to show, when it comes to a unique name, it is what you make it. And I, for one, am glad to give that opportunity to my child.

Recently Baby name guru Pamela Redmond Satran, co-author of Beyond Ava and Aiden recently scoured name statistics and came up with “100 Cool Uncommon Baby Names.” When she says “uncommon,” she means really rare - used for 25 or fewer babies in 2009. In other words, Ruby definitely does not qualify.

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