24th December is more popularly known as Christmas Eve and is celebrated with equal cheer and fervor as is 25th of December, which is Christmas, the central most important festivals for Christians. Christmas Eve is celebrated in the churches all round the world. Candle services, and mass is organized on the eve of Christmas. The good night as is it known in some parts of the world, Christmas Eve is marked by pre-Christmas celebration, and Christmas Eve Santa’s are also seen.
Christmas Eve ideas include merry making with near and dear ones, partying till the clock strikes midnight, singing and gormandizing and entertaining. Food varies in various parts of the world. Christmas Eve menu varies as we move to various parts and countries. Christmas Eve is as auspicious and pious a day of celebration as is Christmas for Catholics. They have a mass prayer, and feast on this very day of the eve of Christmas. Joy and cheer make this day memorable. Celebrating it with near and dear ones adds bliss, contentment and fulfills the purpose of celebration.
Christmas cakes, turkey, roasted food are a delectable sight often seen in every house. Scrumptious cookies, gingerbread man, fruits, bread and chocolate are common and must as one might go on to say. Turkey dinner is a Christmas Eve recipe from the Hawaii. The sand tarts arrive from Pennsylvania Dutch. North Carolina brings us Moravian- Love- fest buns. Turkey served with deliciously cooked apples, onions and carrots is the recipe from Baltimore. Louisiana’s delicacy is the amazing combination of ham, veal, chicken, shrimp, oysters and crabmeat. Soufflé and whisky cakes are the treat southern state gifts on Christmas Eve. Oyster and ham pie are the Christmas Eve menu from Virginia.
Christmas desserts include rum balls, candy canes, custard, apple ciders, pies, puddings, cookies, majorette, nuts and many more are there to celebrate with.
Well, this was all about Christmas Eve menus and recipes of the states. Each house has something special to celebrate and carry down each Christmas, and that dish remains special and has warmth added to it.
Since Christmas celebration represents joy, and prayer and the birth of Christ, we celebrate it in a pious way and offer prayers. Visiting the church is a must on Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Candles signify worship. They are also used for decoration and celebration in Christianity. The scented Christmas candles are popular. There are candle holders available which beautify the candles. Again, one can use floating candles as well. Christmas eve jar candles, Christmas eve votive candles etc. the traditional fragrances for Christmas eve candles are Bayberry, holy berry, vanilla spice, gingerbread cinnamon, Christmas tree etc.
The market offers holiday layer candles, holiday cheer candles, etc. Candle tins, pillar candles, wax potpourri are certain innovative things one can experiment with this year. Oil burners, candle warmers, taper candles, smelly jelly’s, candle snuffer etc. are stuff one can look out for. Innovation in recipes, candles and decorations is needed to add freshness to the celebrations.

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