The wheel. The body’s blood system. The seasons of the year. They each represent circulation of energy. This circulation affects every aspect of our personal and business lives. This past month reminded me again that the circulation of energy is often physically embodied in money.

Investing in rental properties has been one of my entrepreneurial ventures for decades, though I often forget to view it as the small business it is. The steady income stream the properties provided me over the years allowed me freedom and flexibility in my coaching and consulting business, especially the 4 years I was CEO of Mom Care. Last month, all my rentals vacated at same time. Two were expected, and one (highest income unit by factor of 5) a complete surprise.

Because the properties rent easily I was unfazed for the first few days by the surprise. After awhile I grew panicky about the money until I realized the panic was really anger about being disrespected by the surprise vacating tenant, not about the money. As small business owners we allow for the inevitable ups and downs. I structured my coaching and consulting business to keep more of the profit, exactly as I advise my small business and solo-preneur clients.

My new business tag line even reflects this philosophy: More done. More Fun. More Profit.

What happens in a small business when a steady source of income (temporarily) disappears? The same feelings of overwhelm and panic that I felt, though momentary, often arise for others. Panic about money is never about the money, because money is simply energy that circulates. Money is always in circulation, always spreading around its energy. The energy may not look, feel, smell or sound like money the way we imagine it, depending on our cultural or personal belief system.

What if we changed our thinking to instead see an opportunity to bring in new, positive energy? As I describe in my latest book, whenever the twinge of panic about money arises, the antidote is to send some out into the universe. On the same day I felt panic, I loaned money to someone who has worked for me for years knowing the energy would return. It has. That afternoon the person who works for me was offered several opportunities. Within 2 days, I had fully rented properties.

Drawing on the body’s wisdom demonstrates how money is energy, because during times of overwhelm, panic, anger or frustration about money, as in other episodes of the same emotions, the body tends to grow tight and uncomfortable. When we listen to the body, we identify and change the energy from constricting to free flowing. These new feelings remind us that energy (and our attitudes about money) can be transmuted and transformed in less than a nanosecond.

Once the body releases any limiting beliefs about money, we feel free, open, receptive, and without constricted areas. The energy finds freedom to flow.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
~ Albert Einstein

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