Once in elementary school, I peed in my pants in the middle of class. We were taking a timed test and I was afraid I’d fail the test if I asked to get up to go the bathroom. So, I tried to wait until it was over, but I didn`t make it!

Some kids in the class saw the puddle on the floor and called out, “Ann went potty.” Everyone laughed. I was humiliated and wanted to run out of the room, but my body stayed.

Can you remember a time you got embarrassed? What did it feel like? Like you wanted to hide? Disappear?
When we get embarrassed, we lose access to our spiritual power. It’s one thing to regret something we did, but getting embarrassed on top of that creates further challenges.

Here’s why:

    • We are spirit and we have a physical body. It helps when these parts of us stick together. When we disconnect from our bodies, we divide our power and it’s harder to access.

    • Whatever we deny or repress controls us. If we judge some part of ourselves as not “ok,” this keeps us from having fun and creating success in our lives. Even if we aren’t consciously thinking about it, our lack of peace creates a subtle “pull” and our energy is not free.

    • When we aren’t present, we do more embarrassing things! It’s a vicious cycle. You feel ashamed about something you said then you withdraw from a relationship because it’s painful to accept what happened. Then because you’re less present, you put your foot in your mouth again, forget something important or have an accident.

    • Embarrassing moments sometimes affect us for years after they happened. Why? Because we felt pain and “checked out” at the time, we’re likely to disconnect again anytime a similar situation occurs. For years whenever I felt like I couldn’t ask for what I needed, I kept remembering the humiliation of peeing in my pants during that test in school.

So, what can we do to heal embarrassment and reclaim our spiritual power?

    • Stay grounded. Ask yourself now what helps you connect with your body. Exercise? Protein? Getting a massage? Being in nature? Whatever works for you, make a list so you can look at it when you need to, or ask a loved one to gently remind you when you seem scattered or absent.

    • Face your shadows. What makes you feel embarrassed now? Whatever those things are, they probably control you. So admit them, look yourself in the eye, and try to find even one person you feel safe to share them with. If you can make amends where appropriate, great, but even admitting your shame will lighten your load considerably!

    • Remember and make peace with the times you’ve been embarrassed in the past. How to do this? You can close your eyes and see yourself in the past feeling embarrassed. Then beam love and acceptance at the picture. Tell your past self, in your mind or out loud, that you forgive and release him or her.

If you keep getting embarrassed about the same kinds of things and you don’t know why they bother you so much, there may be an embarrassing incident in your past that you’ve forgotten. In this case, you can close your eyes and ask yourself to “see” or remember that incident. At least, ask what is the first time you remember this type of embarrassing feeling, and then do the process above.

Enjoy letting go of your embarrassment and remembering your spiritual power!

Author's Bio: 

Ann O'Brien is an intuitive living teacher offering spiritual readings, energy healing and education to help you realize your spiritual power, radiant health and ecstatic relationships. Working with thousands of clients and students worldwide for over a decade, Ann brings the mystical down to earth and makes it practical, fun, accessible and empowering. She is the creator of the program, Jump Start Your Intuition: Simple Daily Meditation Tips to Increase Wealth, Improve Health & Give You Peace of Mind along with her in-depth Intuitive Training Program.
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