With good clairvoyant psychic readings - “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

I can’t imagine a better way to describe the uniqueness of a clairvoyant. Because clairvoyants see the is-ness of things, good ones don’t tell you what you want to hear. Like the song says, she will help you get what you need.

The majority of people who seek psychic advice are concerned about their future prospects for love, health, jobs, and money. Any practicing psychic worth his beans knows that.

It is most unfortunate, but some people in the psychic biz are quick to take your money and tell you what you want to hear. You can identify second-rate psychics because their advice is as stale as yesterday’s bagel. Psychics suffering from boredom burnout tend to offer the same blah-blah advice they have given hundreds before you. This is a clear violation of their sacred gift.

Anytime you get a gut feeling something isn’t right, terminate the reading and leave.

I tell you this not to malign our wonderful industry. But, to alert you that when you are in session with your clairvoyant, she/he may well touch sticky wickets you’re rather avoid. Before you decide she’s a fake, take a deep breath and just listen. Is she/he addressing what you need to hear? And deep down, do you know that?

Clairvoyance is seeing with “clear vision”. She can tap into higher realms and access wisdom other people can’t see. A clairvoyant psychic sees symbols, movies, images, colors and more, without benefit of the five senses. Rather, she views through a well-developed third eye. It is a common misconception that clairvoyants can “see” your future. While she views past, present and future occurrences, she does not see absolute outcomes. This is because we are constantly creating our future now.

Let’s look at a hypothetical that will clarify what you want vs. what you need:

Suppose Clair Voyant has gathered enough pieces of the puzzle to determine that 1) your father abandoned 2) you sabotage healthy relationships. Of course, you do not want to hear this. No way Jose! Before you scurry home and crank up your free will mojo to mow down all this future nonsense, breathe. Sit down with the wicket and have a think. Ask yourself, could this be one of the lessons your soul chose? Did you make an agreement to conquer trust and abandonment issues during the present incarnation? Your clairvoyant can help you dig up the root cause (father’s abandonment) and learn to trust and stop sabotaging healthy relationships. Do you agree that maybe, just maybe, you need to know all about yourself in order to evolve in consciousness? If so, then maybe an authentic clairvoyant psychic reading is just what you want!

Author's Bio: 

Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster and principal clairvoyant of the Psychic Junkie Website. With 35 professional years in these realms Ian is a verifiable authority in psychic advice and coaching as well as online business success.