There are a lot of things that needs to be done for the Christmas cleanup! From purchasing gifts to the never ending shopping list, one also has to clean up their homes in order to make it well organized and hygienic for the guests. Cleaning the house is a mundane task and must be done by making up a list room by room! 

When you plan to clean your homes, there is one crucial thing that many tend to forget, the windows! Windows are the major component of your homes that require proper and thorough cleaning due to their continuous exposure to the dust, heavy winds, torrential rains and a lot more! Here is an effective way by which you can clean your windows:

  • Coming to the RECIPE and the PROCESS of the vinegar solution to be used for cleaning the windows:

You will need hot water as well as vinegar solution in one is to one ratio. At first moist the window using afore mentioned cleaning solution and clean well. Using a squeegee is also a wise idea! Always remember to clean from top to down as this will not let the streaks develop. Once each stroke is finished, make sure to wipe the corners of the squeegee. Always make sure to schedule the window cleaning when there is no trace of direct sunlight on them!

When people opt for window cleaning in Eastern Suburbs then they make use of some extra tips such as:

  • They mix 50% white vinegar solution with equal amount of water solution.
  • In case of extremely grimy glass, they make use of extra soapy solution at first followed by the use of the aforesaid vinegar solution.
  • In case of terrible glass stains, try scrubbing them with undiluted vinegar solution!
  • The following are the ways by which you can achieve perfect window cleaning in Eastern Suburbs with the help of the above vinegar solution:
  • Preparation: before you start to clean the windows you ought to prepare the required surfaces. Remove the existing dust with the help of a dry towel or a paper cloth. You can prepare the strength of the cleaning solution depending on the extent of the dirt on the windows.
  • Cleaning: spray the vinegar solution on the window and scrub by using a lint free towel. A paper towel is more ideal!
  • Drying: make sure to use a microfiber cloth to dry out the vinegar solution and give a finished touch to make the windows neat and tidy. Do not use hand towels as they will lead to development of streaks.

Are you planning to achieve the best in class window cleaning in Lane Cove? If yes then you need to look out for professional window cleaners as they are trained to use the best cleaning equipments in the right quantity and with the right technique! With such learned men at work, you will not only get the best cleaning done but also ample quality for the price that you are paying! 

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The author extensively offers window cleaning in Lane Cove as well as Eastern Suburbs. With effective window cleaning you will be able to achieve a thorough Christmas cleanup.