Clear Signs Your Husband Wants A Divorce: I Think My Husband Wants A Divorce - Signs A Divorce Is Imminent

If you want to learn signs your husband wants a divorce, this means that you are suspecting your husband is unhappy and that might grow into something much worse. Given the incredibly high rate of divorce (more than fifty percent, meaning: When you are married, you are statistically expected to divorce.), no one can blame you for suspecting there might be a divorce on the way and you have to do something to save your marriage.

The biggest warning sign your husband wants a divorce is about the conversations you two are having. If you think your conversations are getting less and less in number, this might be a sign of an upcoming divorce. Another sign about conversations is the subject matter. Has the subject matter of your conversations been getting more and more superficial and trivial? If all your conversations revolve around household needs or such trivial things, and you don't talk about deeper things any more; that means your husband is no longer mentally synchronized to you and your husband is unhappy. That means detachment, and if your husband is detached from you, nothing good can come out of this.

Another sign that your husband wants a divorce is the decreased level of intimacy. You and your husband were married because you were sexually attracted to each other. If your husband wasn't sexually attracted to you, he wouldn't be married to you. So, if the level of intimacy has decreased, that means that at least something has been lost along the way. If your husband is unhappy with the thought of having sex with you, or more basic things like saying words of love and touching you; that could very well mean he is preparing for a divorce.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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Are you trying to read your husband's mind? Do you want to know whether your husband still love you and the family? If you want to know the answers, asking your husband directly is useless. When you ask your husband how he feels about the relationship, he will not offer anything insightful. Nagging him to talk about it will make matter worse. The best way to know whether your marriage is breaking down is to look for tell-tale signs that your husband wants a divorce.

One of the most obvious signs your husband wants a divorce is his attitude towards you. Does he still treat you as nice as last time? Does he say "thank you" or give you a peck on your cheek when you help him with something? When a man is considering leaving marriage, he will usually not participate in family activities and vacations. So if you find that he is always engrossed in his own things and hobbies, you need to be prepared.

Another sign that your husband wants a divorce is when he refuses to talk about the problems the both of you are facing. So what you can do is tell your husband to spend some time with you as you have something to say to him. See what his reaction is. If he agrees to give you some time, look at how much he participates in the discussion. When he keeps saying nothing is wrong or finds excuses for their attitudes, it is a good sign that he wants a divorce. If solving the problems between the both of you is not his priority, then things really doesn't look good.

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You are one half of an unhappy relationship and are lost as to what step to take next. You may be feeling de-motivated or depleted of all energy to work towards saving your relationship. The truth is, no one can save your marriage for you. Only you can truly understand what your marriage means to you, and take the steps necessary to keep your marriage alive and kicking. If you are a parent, you must be well aware of nipping things in the bud, before they grow and fester. Treat your marriage with the same aggression, addressing the parts that need attention to prevent bigger damage to yourself and your spouse.

Following are 3 things you can do to save your marriage.

1) Figure out the cause. It could be an unhappy job, parent, living condition or even season. Figure out the reason behind your unhappy relationship. Ask and observe your spouse, see what makes him happiest and that which drains him. Just how termites eat away at all the wood in a house, so do negative thoughts. Once you know the negative factor contributing towards your marriage, think of ways to separate yourselves completely from it. In case it is relatives, siblings or parents who are not thinking of your best interests, then limit your interaction with them, meeting them only when completely necessary and obligatory. Also, do not pressure your spouse to meet those who do not have the same marriage goals as you.

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2) Choose your mood. Half the reason behind your unhappy relationship is the mood you are in. If you are unhappy, then everything around you will suffer as a result. Make a list of things that only serve you as an individual; it could be a foamy bath, or an indulgent massage. Plug in at least one activity per day that makes you happier as a person. When you are content and cushy, you will be able to give proper attention to your relationship as well. If you decide to do nothing about helping yourself first, your marriage will keep going backwards at a slow and steady pace.

3) Give it a name. Call your marriage by all the names you want to remember it by: loving, endearing, promising, everlasting or pleasant. The words you use in your mind will become audible ones for those around you. You will find yourself believing in the reality of an ideal marriage when you start describing yours as one. The same philosophy applies on your husband: whatever you call him, he will become. Call him a grouch and he will have no problems living up to your expectations. Call him a sweetheart and he will keep thinking of ways to get more praise from you.

Happiness is a state of mind, and that too a chosen one. Taking these steps will help you choose your goals for marriage and stick to the path that brings you fastest towards your destination.

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How can you make a marriage strong and happy? A strong marriage needs both parties to put in effort to make the marriage happy. The fact is anyone who is married will have to know how to make their marriage better. So, what are the ways that can help to make your marriage better?

Communication is important for a marriage. Without an effective communication, couples will not be able to understand each other well. Although certain things may seem easy to understand, but do not expect your spouse to be a mind reader to understand everything. Share with your spouse about your needs and thinking.

Learn how to compromise can help to make your marriage better. Sometimes in a relationship, you will have arguments and you will disagree. It may cause resentment and if the problems are not solved, it will destroy the marriage and lead to divorce. It is necessary to give and take in a relationship, forgiving your spouse and moving on without any grudges will help to make a marriage better and stronger.

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Learn to appreciate and respect your spouse. Saying thank you is a way of telling your spouse you appreciate and recognize his or her effort. Listen to your spouse's advice and decision. Even if you disagree with some of your spouse's advice and decision, you should avoid saying sarcastic remarks that are disrespectful to your partner.

Little thoughts and actions
A relationship is always the sweetest when it is in the beginning stage. It is a common sign to see couples doing lesser sweet and romantic things to each other when they are together for too long. You do not have to do big things every day to prove your love to your spouse. Little thoughts and actions like making a cup of coffee every morning or cuddling each other every day can help to make the bonding stronger between couples.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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