Click to text is not an individual solution. It is one of the features offered by the business texting service provider as part of their landline texting service. There is some text to landline companies that offer click to text as one of the features.

What is Click to text?

Click to text is a feature offered by the landline texting service providers. You can create a button that can be placed on your website or landing page. Once the click to text button is placed on the website, your website visitors can send an SMS to you by clicking on that button. The website visitors don’t need to install any additional plug-in, software or application to use this functionality. They can simply send a message via their phone SMS application.

The click to text is also known as click2text, click-to-text widget, CTT and C2T.

Who can use the click to text?

Anyone can use this amazing solution to increase conversations. However, to use this widget, you should be using the landline texting service as the text to landline company will provide you a module to create this button. It is easy to create with a GUI based app and you don’t need any technical knowledge for the same.

Why to use click-to-text widget?

Based on various statistics and survey results, a majority of audience prefers texting over all other different modes of communication. By putting, this click to text button on your website, you will succeed in breaking the ice and increasing conversations. This can increase lead generation significantly.
On the other hand, this can also be used for support and customer care services. The customers can go to a landing page and raise a support request by sending a text.

The click to text is more convenient because the customers and prospects don’t need to take additional steps to find the contact number on the website or from their own contact book to send a message. With this simple business texting feature, the messaging is available at their fingertips.

The click to text widget will definitely increase conversations and customer satisfaction.

This mode of texting contributes in increased staff productivity. The staff will not need to actively stay online on the chat widget. They can get the messages in their text to landline app and reply it to it remotely. This works similar to live chat. This is a text based chatting.

As the click2text solution is available as one of the features of the business texting service, you can also leverage other benefits offered by the business texting service. You will have many advanced and amazing messaging features. These text–to-landline features will empower your business communication.

Concluding Notes

The click to text is a quick way to start a conversation for your web visitors. The messaging is now available at their fingertips. This will help in increasing conversations that can be a sales inquiry or support request.

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