Cloud computing is a technology that helps in maintenance of data and applications. It facilitates people in accessing their personal files at any computer with access to internet without downloading any software to do so. This technology has mainly centralized storage, processing and memory, thus allowing you to share files from any online source. It is because all your mobile devices and PC are in sync all the time. It is one of major promise made by cloud computing.

Though everybody of us would be seeking benefit of this technology, but would not be aware of it. Facebook, twitter, Google Docs, e-mails, etc are examples of this growing technology. One of the important aspects of this technology is to make data available at any instant. Offshore software development companies have taken advantage of this technology to spread their arm far and wide. Data can be easily accessible, transferable and mobile under its blessings. It makes data portable and in sync among your devices. Personal cloud, which includes music, reports, documents, address book, etc, can be connected to public and other personal clouds. It shows that everything connects, be it your bank, university, social circle, friends, relatives etc.

Besides it, you depend upon you whether to show it to public or to make it private. It is like social networking, in which privacy setting is completely in hand of an account’s owner. Cloud computing has really made it all easy for people to access things and connect them through internet. There are several software designing service providers that make use of this technology to bind people together and share information and required document without much hassle. It has brought software development in trend. Thus, making it easier for clients to communicate with these companies and get their work done.

The best example is e-mail. These can accessed from anywhere with the help of internet. There is no need to download any software. The only thing you need is internet connection. Likewise, document can be shared through Google docs. This technology can be divided into three segments:-

1. Application
2. Storage
3. Connectivity

Each of the above stated segments is made to serve different purpose or cater different needs of a business. The reason why it emerged is because normal business application requires too much of support and maintenance, which is being sort with the advent of cloud computing. One just needs to be in touch with phone or PC or any internet-enabled device to take benefits of this technology. Smart phone has already proven it to a certain extent. The mobile extensions used with facebook, twitter etc has been considered a lot helpful and is the blessing of the cloud computing technology. In addition to it, Window 7 has made data mining easier. You can start you own data mining system and can sync it up with other people’s data with permission.

All these technologies shave given advancement to web solution. These companies have also got the added advantage of such improvements in IT sector. They can easily access data and can communicate with their customers abroad. So, take advantage of software designing services without thinking about the related hassles of connectivity.

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