Running a small business successfully has never been an easy task prior introduction of electronic payment. Clover Mini – a small portable digital device that provides a series of features and tools which help you store client information, track and accept monetary payments in no time. This small device is as powerful as sleek design and lightweight feature make adjust to any workspace.

Clover Mini in Canada offer every feature that you’d ever need in a POS system. This smartly designed system is easy to use and easy-to-manage at any location. It come added with incredible features like:

Accept all kind of transaction including EMV, Pin, Debit, Chip+Pin and Apple Pay.
Easy to adjust tips which can make your request tips easier on a printed receipt.
Easily accept signature or PIN numbers on screen and enable your customers sign on a printed receipt.
Easy connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi and 4G/LTE.
Allow real-time inventory.
Easy employee permission/role.
Easy-to-create reporting with thorough breakdowns.
Touch screen with front-facing camera.
Internal thermal printer.
Clover Mini is a multifunctional, compact yet robust POS device that saves counter space while looking great. This small, powerful credit card processing machines are not only good in look but also accepts different virtual payment types and has the ability to elevate point of sale (POS) functionality.

Benefits of Clover Mini for Business
Accept Different Payment Types

Clover Mini accept almost all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV Chip, standard credit and debit card to contactless payments, without other equipment or software.

Streamline Your Business at Affordable Price.

Small in size, Clover Mini gives you everything you need to make your business run hassle-freely without any complications and with great fun. Clover Mini Price is less enough when compared with its features.


Ensure Safety of Your Customers

Businesses need protection during every step of a transaction. The small Clover Mini device keep your and your customers’ information safe with built-in fraud protection from clover security.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Clover Mini boast ability to accept multiple credit card and debit card payment types swipe EMV which provide ease to the users. This hardware is compatible with the Powering POS’s. Make use of this device to set up a digital loyalty and rewards programs to appeal new business keeping old and new customers connected with your service.

Easy Accessibility

Make sure to run your business on cloud-based software so that you can easily access your information from Clover Mini. Also, you can have all your business data, transaction details, inventory whereabouts or customer information at your fingertips. The device allow you to care your business even on go. The handy features of the device allow you tab into valuable insights so that you can grow your business faster.

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if you are a Canadian resident, ensure to get Clover Mini to help your business achieve elevated success.