Usually when we hear the phrase “come to your senses”, we often think of using our mind and thoughts more correctly. Instead of using just the mind, how about dropping into the senses of the smells, colors, sounds, and feelings of this moment. By being fully present, it of course starts with the mind, but don’t stop there. Let your mind drip down into this “now” and into the six senses fully. Let every cell radiate consciousness of the pure deliciousness of this moment, right here, right now.

Through obsessive thoughts of worry, rushing, hurrying, and in my case overbooking my day, the moments fritter away. Time moves so quickly missing the beautiful nuances of life and of our magical and miraculous existence. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that his doctor said, “most accidents happen when we are trying to get somewhere five minutes early”. What a nice reminder to slow down. Accidents can be part of the equation when we rush, force, and push to get somewhere on time.

A common saying that I hear is “if it is important it’s not urgent, and if it is urgent it’s not important”. Nothing is more essential then right here, right now. That is truly all we have. So as I write this, I commit to you and the universe that I am going to attempt to slow down. Not just for me, but for the safety of other’s on the road, and for my acquaintances and family members who experience my chronic anxiety when I rush around manically trying to get it all done.

Choose to fall in love with the now. Let yesterday’s bitterness and resentments fall away. Forgive people and past regrets, and let go of the obsessive mind fully right here, right now. Stay out of fantasy thinking of the future, and saturate love and peace with your senses. Embrace and infuse your cells with the smells, colors, sounds, and feelings of this very second. Feel the expansion and contraction of your ribs, the rise and fall of your belly. Bring your awareness to your nostrils and see if your are breathing more out of the right nostril or the left nostril. Soften the space between your eyebrows, relax the jaw, and firmly plant your feet on the earth, right here, right now. That is all we truly have, so lift the outer corners of your mouth, and smile!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley lives in Santa Monica, California as a master yoga teacher, life coach, and bodyworker. She has been teaching and practicing yoga and bodywork for over eighteen years, and conducts both public and private yoga and life coaching classes. Feel free to check out her website at