There is no doubt that carpets make amazing flooring materials, but they need to be cleaned and maintained to retain their look and appeal. General carpet cleaning can be done at home with a vacuum cleaner and readily available cleansing solutions. But sometimes, help from a professional carpet cleaning company in Truckee needs to be taken so that thorough cleaning of the carpet can be done. When professionals from these companies come for carpet cleaning, they bring specialized equipments and unique carpet cleaning solutions so that carpets can be cleaned immaculately.

Inspite of professional services, professionals offering commercial carpet cleaning in Truckee face various kinds of problems in carpet cleaning. Some of the most common problems and their solutions are enlisted below:

•Browning of the carpet material – Browning is a common problem that can be seen on carpets. The main reason is that the carpet material gets discolored as a result of frequent cleaning and use of harsh chemical solutions. Usually after cleaning, the carpet remains wet for quite long time and this might cause the brown coloration. Try fast drying methods for the carpet along with cleaning. There are also specific chemicals available in the market, which help in removing the browning. Along with removal, these chemicals also prevent browning.

•Carpet shrinkage – Shrinkage is a common issue that is faced while carpet cleaning. When excess moisture is retained in the carpet fibers, it affects the inter-weaving of fabric and they bind close together thus leading to shrinkage of the carpet. There is a great solution to this problem and that is applying standard stretching technique. The normal shape and size of the carpet is restored with this technique. However, the stretching technique should only be implemented once the carpet is completely dry.

•Moulds – Moulds can hamper the carpet cleaning work greatly. After picking up the carpet from the floor, if you find mould depositions, remove them first. It is important that you take care of the moisture problem first and then put the carpet back in place. There are many commercial products, which help in removing moulds from carpets. These chemical also help in mould reduction. For application of the chemicals, special devices and equipments are needed and these are usually available with companies that offer carpet cleaning services on commercial basis.

•Stiffness of the carpet – You might see that after cleaning the carpet, it often becomes stiff and hard. The soft and plush feeling of the carpet below the feet is lost completely. Use of hard water and excessive use of carpet cleaning chemicals are the main reasons for stiffness of carpets. Using acid rinse can soften the carpet and remove the coarseness and hardness. Find the right acid rinse for getting rid of this problem successfully.

•Stubborn stains and excessive soiling – Some carpets get excessively soiled and they are left in that condition for long before being cleaned. The dirt and the dust particles settle in the carpet fibers and get really difficult to remove. Along with soiling, another problem that carpets face is development of stubborn stains. It is important that the stains are removed immediately so that they don’t penetrate into the carpet fibers and make cleaning a problem. Steam cleaning services in Truckee is highly effective in removing stains from carpets.
A reliable company offering carpet cleaning services will be able to deal with all kinds of carpet problems without any problem.

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