There are several common mistakes that might occur while sorting out how to get your garage floored. Getting the garage floored is something that requires a lot of hard work and patience and getting expert advice from the professional companies who provide these services is also highly recommended. However, people tend to commit certain mistakes while going ahead with the job of getting the epoxy flooring done in their garage, which is supposed to put them in a disastrous position rather than getting them gains. In the following lines, we will discuss a few of these common mistakes and how they can be avoided to control further damage.

Poor preparation

This is one of the most common mistakes which harms the preparation of an epoxy garage flooring. In this case, the garage owner might leave the flooring in a state where it is not properly cleaned, which might not let the epoxy stick to the surface when applied. This problem causes a lot of trouble while applying epoxy to the garage floor and it is suggested that professional help should be taken in order to clean the surface properly, i.e., make it devoid of any kind of stain or oil traces ahead of the application of epoxy to it.


You have a concrete floor in your garage, then there is a high chance that it might contain a fair amount of moisture in it. This is very important to check before getting your garage floor done as it can be a detriment for the job to be completed without any hassle. This is why it is highly recommended that you get all the moisture removed from the concrete before getting the floor done and suggest a professional company who can help you in the process.

Stretching the epoxy

This is a big "no-no" for any floor where epoxy is applied. Remember that if you try to stretch out the epoxy on to the floor, it will leave the whole epoxy in a patchy state, with an uneven spread on the surface. It will eventually result in the floor losing its gloss. So if you are looking for an even garage flooring in Melbourne, it is highly recommended that you don't stretch the epoxy and leave the job to a professional flooring company.

Mixing of the epoxy

The epoxy has to be mixed in a way so that there is no air left in the mixture. If there is air in the mixture, it causes the epoxy to create air bubbles in the epoxy while applying to the floor. Another common mistake is not getting the solution A and the solution B of the epoxy to be mixed in the right proportion, which can be disastrous in terms of preparing the epoxy before applying it onto the floor. So it is highly recommended that the preparation of epoxy should be done in the right way by hiring a professional vendor who has ample experience in epoxy garage flooring.

Checking the temperature and humidity

When the epoxy is applied to the floor, the temperature and the humidity in the air can be a cause of concern for the garage owner. Subtle fluctuations in the temperature and humidity can lead to a lot of hassle in the application of epoxy to the surface of the garage floor. A professional intervention can be helpful in this respect as well.

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