There is no doubt in the fact a hemorrhoid issue can be quite overwhelming for any patient. However, it also needs to be seen that people generally tend to make certain mistakes which may lead to worsening in their issues.

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Sitting For Long Periods of Time and Having a Sedentary Lifestyle

If you are having hemorrhoids and at the same time if you are overweight then it will be certainly worsening your condition. And other than that, if you are having a desk job or are spending most of your time watching TV or maybe surfing the internet then this is a mistake which you would need to avoid.

And if you are physically inactive will be putting more pressure on the veins of the blood vessels around your anal area for the purpose of avoiding sitting at a specific place. For this, what you can do is that you can walk more and take up cardio exercises.

Lifting Heavy Objects

It is important to see that you don’t lift heavy objects at all if you are going through a hemorrhoid condition. What this will do is that it will be putting more pressure on the clot or the external hemorrhoids further damaging it. And, if you have to do exercise then it is beneficial that you go for a moderate routine then an extensive one.

Ignoring Symptoms Such as Diarrhea and Constipation

If you are suffering from constipation then a hemorrhoid condition might be dangerous for you.

And in such condition, it is important for you to make a food diary. This will be helping you in keeping the record of every minute detail which will be helping you further in the future.

After that, what you would need to do is that you would need to take notice of your diet and observe it.

Poor Hygiene

It is important to see that you don’t have a poor hygiene system. For that, you would need to specifically take care of your diet and see that you take a high intake of fiber-rich food.

And when it comes to external hygiene then it becomes quite important to see that while washing you wash your genitals with warm water and when you are done with it, you gently dry them.

It is a strict no to rub the area with a toilet paper as it might worsen your overall health condition. It is a common hemorrhoid mistake to avoid.

Increased Stress and Anxiety

It has been seen that if you are having a high demanding job then it might be resulting in increased levels of stress and anxiety.

For this what can be done is that is that you can find certain hobbies which will help you in calming down.

Overuse of Laxatives

In such case, the doctors might refer you some stool softeners and laxatives which will be helping you in giving a certain amount of relief. However, it is recommended not to take these tablets not more than a week. Use of hemorrhoid wipes can certainly help you deal in this issue.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Sitting On the Toilet Seat

If you are having a hemorrhoid problem then it becomes quite important to see that while using a toilet you don’t spend too much time on the toilet seat. Generally, it has been seen that it will lead to an increase in skin tags. The more time you spend sitting on a toilet seat, the more the harmful for you.

Conclusion: It has been seen that if you are having a hemorrhoid issue then it is highly recommended that you get a good treatment for your issue. However, there are certain mistakes which you need to avoid your hemorrhoid condition such as avoiding overuse of laxatives, don’t spend too much time sitting on the toilet seat etc.

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