You might think that it is quite simple to buy and lay down the artificial turfs in your outdoor space. But what seems so simple might not be easy in practical approach. As one learns the various techniques that are involved in the installation of the artificial grass, they become quite surprised. So it is advisable that one should hire professionals to install the artificial lawn.

However if you try to do it yourself, you will end up making a lot of mistakes. This article highlights several mistakes and the ways by which you can rectify them:

  • MISTAKE #1:

If the excavations are not proper then the artificial grass laying will not be a successful one. A common mistake that many make is that they lay the artificial turf directly on top of the soil or the existing grass. The finished result would result in extremely uneven looking lawn! So if you want a long lasting turf that looks great then you have to get the ground works correct.

You can troubleshoot it by removing a minimum of 3 inches below the finished height of the lawn. So you will have to remove the existing grass as well as the weeds. If the area has some type of drainage problem, then you must essential excavate up to 4 inches. In order to make the process smooth, hire a turf cutter from any local tool hire shop.

  • MISTAKE #2:

The home makers often fail to excavate soft spots in the sub grade. They often fail to check the existing condition of the lawn after completing the first level excavation needed for the turf installation in Mandurah. The soft spots are the areas in which the ground becomes to sink as and when you walk on it. If you fail to excavate the soft areas then those areas of your lawn will result in sinking.

So if you find any soft spots in your lawn then it is advisable to excavate the offending area and backfill it with a sub base material. Doing do will prevent the lawn from sinking. It is always better to remove and excavate the area ion excess than not enough!

  •  MISTAKE #3:

Another common mistake that people normally make is that they fail to install a weed membrane. So if you forget to install a weed membrane then there is high possibility that you will get weeds growing underneath your artificial lawn! You are laying the artificial grass so that you do not have to deal with weeds so make sure you do so correctly.

It is strongly recommended to install a weed membrane in order to stop the growth of weeds. This will act as an extra level of defense!

If you want your synthetic turf in Mandurah to last long then you must hire professionals to do its installation. The experience and expertise of the professionals will result in the longevity and better performance of the fake lawns! Look out for the reliable experts who have been doing such installations since many years as they are sure to provide you with quality service.

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The author is an adept at making synthetic turf installation. The author has been writing several articles related to the turf installation.