Are you looking to develop your business or optimize its efficiency? The administration takes you the time and strikes your productivity? Is cost control an essential criterion for you?

At each stage in the life of a business, needs differ and require adaptation that does not necessarily come under hiring. However, due to lack of time, administrative management can become cumbersome and restrictive.

C & CO Chartered Accountants, therefore, offers you a flexible, expert solution that can be quickly implemented to meet your needs: company secretarial services delivered by professional assistants on demand. So, opt for a solution that is more flexible than an employment contract, less expensive than temporary work and more reliable than a direct freelance.

According to your wishes or needs, we give you the possibility of calling upon an administrative assistant at your premises or remotely. Do not waste any more time looking for a secretary for a one-off mission or an unsuitable budget, we take care of the recruitment of your secretary to meet your needs. The administrative services to companies carried out, without hiring, by our professional management assistants, allow you to refocus on your core business or free up your resources on activities with higher added value.

There are several activities related to accounting assistance. From carrying out day-to-day accounting operations to monitoring fixed assets, also take charge of the relationship with the banks. Accounting assistance helps you with your financial consolidation operations, for example with the production of annual accounts and the control of costs and charges.

Your professional assistant prepares your accounting documents (invoices, apprenticeship tax, VAT, etc.) essential for the establishment of declarations by the accountant.

Do you want help with your accounting management? Your C & CO Chartered Accountants will take care of your accounting score for you. Your accounts are up to date, you follow the operation of your accounts, adjust budget investments, or on the contrary, spot shortcomings to (re) balance your cash flow.

All of our services are available as part of secretarial and bilingual assistantship missions. You are in contact with foreign customers and suppliers of the company, your customers can internationalize or request occasional exchanges requiring specific administrative and linguistic skills.

A work-study assistant is not completely autonomous and competent. He / She needs to be constantly supervised. By hiring an independent secretary, your accounting support needs are taken care of more quickly.

The gain in flexibility and efficiency, equip your company with externality company secretarial services to manage your daily agenda, on-demand. The reminder of important events, management, and monitoring of schedules, access to a specialized operator.

We take care of all your professional meetings: suppliers, customers, prospects. Save time and concentrate on your job. A real asset for entrepreneurs, our secretarial service will provide a productivity gain essential to your activity, at a lower cost.

The administrative management of a company quickly turns out to be a complex and time-consuming subject: entrust us with its management! We ensure the perfect consistency of your current administrative files & documents.

C & Co. Chartered Accountants is one-stop business advisory firm, from Incorporate New Company, Company Secretary Services, Accounting Software, Accounting Bookkeeping, and Accounting Management.

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C & Co. Chartered Accountants is one stop business advisory firm, from Incorporate New Company, Company Secretary Services, Accounting Software etc