I was having morning tea with friends and family on the weekend, and it was such a delight to catch up and be reminded of the love we share. As we sipped coffee in the sunshine at Nobby’s Beach
Sinking into the compassion of extending love while basking in the warmth of communion, the depth of my gratitude for these people and that they would hold me in esteem as a matriarch of the group, moved me to what felt like an explosion of my heart.
I watched the youngest amongst us kiss my friend on her wrinkled neck with such abandon I saw unconditional love as I have only talked of, and wished for him in that moment to remain forever innocent.
We are all given the opportunity to walk back through life on a journey all its own. Forgiveness for the conditioned responses we have picked up over the decades. The beliefs we have made a mantra of, the reasons we hold onto to keep others away from our love and compassion. Reasons that are held dear and close to our heart like barbed wire and jagged glass. It screams stay away; all the while asking for Love.
The extension of compassion is not an act of pity toward another, it comes after excepting your innate inheritance as an extension of the Divine, knowing yourself as that through experience then wanting that to be your default position always.
Become That which you are in Truth, while understanding yourself as a person of interest who has tripped and fallen, grazed knees and broken limbs. The metaphorical knowledge of you as a story and the concentration of what lies between the thoughts rather than the thoughts, gives rise to an inspiration I call Love which when directed to yourself is also what compassion is.
This compassion can and is naturally directed outward to life in a way that is unencumbered by conditions.
This is what is meant by what Jesus said in (Mathew 18:3) “Verily I say unto you, Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven” (The Kingdom of heaven being your peace of mind here and now).
Have a wonderful day
Margo Knox

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Margo Knox is an author and speaker her new book "Conscious Ageing, 7 Steps to Claiming Your Eldership" is now available on Amazon. Margo is a mentor for those needing helping while retiring and entering the Third Age...She also runs courses on Conscious Ageing