I believe that almost all of the troubles in the world today are rooted in confidence issues. A lack of confidence has the ability to reach out in many different directions and impact the world around us in very negative ways. In contrast, a feeling of high self-esteem and confidence allows your own life to be one of happiness and satisfaction and this positive emotion equally spreads out into the Universe. Confidence or a lack thereof creates a huge domino effect upon the world.

A lack of confidence has different faces. Sometimes it may be displayed as meanness; in putting someone else down you by contrast may feel "bigger" yourself. But that boost to your own self confidence is only transient and ultimately very costly. Someone else (the person to whom you were mean) paid an immediate price and there is also an ongoing price which you may not immediately detect.

If you have been mean to someone or bullied someone or indeed caused them harm in any way, you have to live with that knowledge. This is very costly upon you own emotions. It leaves rather more than a bad taste in your mouth. It reinforces an internal belief that you are a "bad" person and increases your lack of confidence still further. At the same that other person is likely to feel pretty negative about the whole situation too, and those negative vibes will inevitably spread their tendrils out into the environment like ivy, wrapping themselves securely to anything which they can, strangling them in the process.

Negativity breeds negativity; positivity breeds positivity. A lack of confidence creates a negative snowball effect. It may be displayed as fear, timidity, anger or hatred. Hatred is the most pronounced expression of a lack of confidence; it has the ability to create an enormous impact upon the entire Universe. Most people do not hate; only a small number of people suffer from this extreme emotion, but the impact of their hatred is far reaching.

Lack of confidence is more often expressed as fear. Fear has a restricting and contracting effect. It prevents you from spreading your wings and achieving your potential. In working to overcome your fears you allow yourself to sample the infinite freedom which the Universe provides. It also allows you to grow as a person and spread positive emotions and feelings of abundance to the world around you.

If we want the world to be a better place we owe it to ourselves to work in every way we can to build our own self confidence. When you have an inner feeling of confidence you can see the world around you clearly and not through the eyes of fear, frustration, anger, hatred or so on. Your reactions to those around you are shaped by your own expectations; you see what you expect to see. Confidence allows you to see clearly. Confidence also allows you to send messages of security, comfort and abundance out into the Universe. Other people benefit. True leadership is performed by example. The world inevitably becomes a better place to be.

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