So what does Divine Feminine Energy mean? What is it? What does it look like? How does it feel? The answers will be different for each of us, of course. But there are also similar characteristics that we will all experience.

In a general sense, I want to share with you the answers to those questions and more. But before I do that, I need to break it all down.

Divine….what does that word mean? First, I have to say that I am using the word as an adjective. The free online dictionary defines the word as:

a. Having the nature of or being a deity.
b. Of, relating to, emanating from, or being the expression of a deity: sought divine guidance through meditation.
c. Being in the service or worship of a deity; sacred.

2. Superhuman; godlike.

a. Supremely good or beautiful; magnificent: a divine performance of the concerto.
b. Extremely pleasant; delightful: had a divine time at the ball.

4. Heavenly; perfect.

The first definition above exactly describes Divine for the purposes of this article.

The second word, Feminine, should also be researched, even though we have a general sense of its meaning. I looked this word up online, as well, and here are the definitions given:

--Associated with women and not with men; "feminine intuition"
--Of grammatical gender
--Womanly: befitting or characteristic of a woman, especially a mature woman; "womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion"
--A gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to females or to objects classified as female
--(Music or poetry) ending on an unaccented beat or syllable; "a feminine ending"

Even though the context in which I’m speaking is much broader, the definition that that comes closest is the third bullet point: womanly: befitting or characteristic of a woman, especially a mature woman; "womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion."

And of course there is the Energy. Let’s just say that energy is a “source of power.”

So if we combine the three definitions, we get: “The nature of or being a deity with power of gentleness and compassion.”

Now, when we tap into our being or recognize the deity of the Feminine, we are connecting to a source of power of gentleness and compassion. That’s a pretty good start, but I have to say again that it is only a start. The Divine Feminine Energy within is so much more than words and definitions can fully express. This power of gentleness and compassion is just a small portion of the things that we receive when in the state of the Divine Feminine.

By way of comparison, I’d like to explain the differences in Divine Masculine Energy. Masculine is associated with words such as power . . . strength . . . self control. The Divine Masculine would then look like absolute power, unlimited strength and total self control. And these aspects are to be sought after. Our Divine Masculine Energy centers on obtaining, while our Divine Feminine is all about receiving.

The difference between obtaining and receiving is also at the heart of the differences between most religions/spirituality groups and mysticism. In most religions and some forms of spirituality, you are performing acts . . . rituals . . . prayers, etc., to attain fulfillment; to make you “good enough” to have God or The Divine in your life. With mysticism, you are aligned to the Divine Feminine aspect of God, allowing yourself, i.e., your Higher Self, to know that you are already all that you need to be in the “Divine” place. In fact, you received all that you need before your body even came into being.

Let’s now focus on how we bring ourselves into that state of the Divine Feminine. For most of us, it’s a gradual process. There are, for lack of a better word, “steps” to take. Listening to mantras, chants or prayers is usually a wonderful way to align yourself with the Energy. Earlier, I said earlier that prayers are used in the Masculine practice, but notice the difference between listening (Feminine, receiving) and chanting, speaking (Masculine, achieving). There are prayers, chants and mantras that bring us into the Divine Feminine. Or we can also create something ourselves.

As you listen, it is important that you focus on the heart chakra. Some traditions focus behind the chakra, while others place their focus in front of the heart chakra. Either way works. After a period time, depending on how long you spend meditating, you turn off the manta/chant/prayer and slip into the silence, all the while focusing on the heart chakra. While in the silence, you can think of love itself, of being surrounded by the loving arms of the Divine Mother or being rocked in her arms, or whatever allows you to open your heart chakra more, as you feel the silence. Thoughts will come . . . bless them and let them pass. It is the nature of the mind to think, and for most people it can take a lifetime to fully control this aspect. So don’t force it (again, this is the masculine energy). Allow yourself to receive, to thank the thought and then go back to focusing on the loving energy.

It is within this silence that the folks at my retreats experience feelings of completeness, wholeness, unconditional love, contentment, fullness. These are experiences of the Divine Feminine. She is all that and much more.

As we practice this technique daily, those feeling we receive begin to become more of a part of our lives. They extend further and further into our day. While being in the Divine Presence more, we begin to accept and receive her Divine plan, which is that everything is happening for a reason. Once we are able to receive this and be in this place throughout the day, it relieves so much suffering in our lives. Knowing all that has gone on before has helped me get to where I am today.

And what a wonderful place that is! Imagine walking through your day with deep feelings of love, compassion, and gentleness to yourself and those you meet. This is our part in creating World Peace. And all you have to do is to open your heart and acknowledge the Divine Feminine that has always been present in you, and live from your heart more and more each day. By doing that, each of us will bring about more world peace then anything the United Nations can bring about. It just takes one heart touching another and that heart knowing it all begins and ends with love, Herself, and Divine Feminine Energy/God within each of us.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Hoare, D.D., is an author, minister and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Michael’s past life has been filled with challenges. He was born with a hole in his heart, was sexually abused during his early childhood, turned to alcohol and drugs for comfort, and ended up homeless in the New York City subway. In addition, Hoare has lost an unusually large number of loved ones to death: both parents by the time he was 16; his best friend 2 years later; and his fiancée died two weeks before their wedding date. Eleven months after his fiancée died, he learned that his daughter was battling cancer. Despite it all, and maybe because of it, Hoare can talk about his troubled past and how he came through it, thanks to a spiritual program called Ah-Man.

Central to the Ah-Man experience is being able to forgive oneself and to forgive others for past misgivings. The experiences that Hoare, a recovering alcoholic, describes in his recently published book, “I Am Ah-Man,” are due in large part to the impulses of what Hoare terms “primordial man.” While Hoare admits that primordial man is not a bad guy, his actions are the result of instinct rather than the heart. Primordial feelings, he explains, include anger, fear, resentment, control, lust, jealousy, and suspiciousness.

To connect to Ah-Man, Hoare, a New York City native, had to change his habits and beliefs and ultimately surrender to them. That, he explains, is not an easy task. Why? Because both men and women, he says, are conditioned to conform to society’s expectations. For men, that may mean feeling the need to have the highest-paying jobs, purchase the largest homes, and maintain the lifestyles to match. For women, it could mean being just like men, and looking and acting a certain way, e.g., thin or sexy. But with trust, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves, God and others, Hoare believes men and women can find a spiritual way of handling everyday life situations without getting sucked into them.

Through a series of seminars and one-to-one counseling sessions, Hoare teaches men and women to embrace the Ah-Man within them by creating a loving relationship with oneself, God and others; openness with other people; a sense of integrity; and the ability to communicate; all by incorporating trust, forgiveness and acceptance, thus allowing them to be whole.

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