Many of us have lived a life where we have become proficient in accomplishing goals; we live our lives in that state of mind. When we are close to the end of life, what is our goal? In our lives, we have been "the Doer," where we do things by focusing on our thoughts. Preparing for death requires us to also be "the Receiver."

Of course, there are things to do to prepare for this ultimate journey, but we have to receive to get valuable input from our deepest inner wisdom. The majority of our character was created by habits developed as children, but most children never learned how to prepare for death.

Consciously approaching death involves utilizing powerful inner resources in a selfless way. This inner journey does not serve your ego, but it definitely brings you closer to life. If preparation can give you a better connection to life, why wait to the end of your life to
prepare? It would serve everyone to prepare for death when death was not yet a threat. My best preparation happens when I transcend my ego and surrender in consciousness. As Lao Tsu said:
“It is best to prepare for death while you are still alive.”
Most people view their death as tragic. Their focus is in the rearview mirror as they mourn what they are leaving behind. Of course, mourning is healthy as long as you are aware and conscious of where you are going. This is a natural process. Sometimes when I say I want to die, it leads to mourning and I cry. I welcome emotional release, because I do not want my approach to death to be an intellectual exercise.

Unfortunately, most people resist freedom, as they hold onto what their ego identifies with; there is no freedom holding on like that. It takes confidence to face death consciously. "Confidence" comes from the Latin, "con fide," or with faith. It takes confidence to face death without holding onto your mind-made reality. Actually, it takes the same confidence to face death as it does to face life, where you are totally free, connected to life in the moment. It is difficult for the ego to comprehend real freedom, for you have to let go of attachments to be free. Letting go of your ego is the last attachment you will have, for it is ego that creates attachments.

In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle said: “In the last few moments before physical death, and as you die, you then experience yourself as consciousness free of form. Suddenly, there is no more fear, just peace and a knowing that ‘all is well’ and that death is only a form dissolving.”

I have a formula that will be developed that gives you control over the quality of life as you pass: Anxiety = approaching death x your resistance. As you approach death, your anxiety increases as your resistance increases. If you learned the art of surrender, your resistance would get less until you approach death without anxiety.

The Eckhart Tolle quote, where all you have is consciousness in your final days, allows this to happen naturally. In your approach, as you develop strong habits, you can allow this to happen without creating resistance, which only makes passing difficult. The quality of life does not depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus.

When you do this work ahead of time, it also makes it easier for those who love you and care for you. It allows them to relate to you consciously in the moment and say goodbye. There is always mourning when you deal with death, but there can also be a celebration when it is done consciously. Join me in creating the conscious moment, where you pass into a new dimension and celebrate.

If you are wise, prepare for death. It is important to die consciously and it takes time to prepare. Preparing is also valuable for those who love you, for they suffer when you suffer. Consciously approaching death does not mean you will not have pain or discomfort. It means you will consciously own your will and not resist death when it comes.
(c) 2014 Marc Lerner

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