We offer a wide range of scientific equipments to meet the requirements of our clients. These equipments are manufactured keeping in mind the extensive research and development projects that are taking place and to cater the individual needs for respective applications. We make sure to fabricate complete range of scientific and laboratory instruments with highest quality standards.

We always make it a point to update our technologies and methodologies to ensure reliability and consistency at each level of instruments production. Our products have been appreciated for their durability and are available in different standard sizes to suit the varied of requirement of our customers. We also produce standardized and customized products. One of our products is stability chambers.

Construction of stability chamber

These are widely used to detect stability on drugs under controlled environmental conditions. The temperature inside the chamber is controlled by programmable temperature controller and indicator. Stability chamber uses microprocessor based electronic humidity sensor detector to detect humidity concentration in the environment. The chamber is double walled with inner chamber made of stainless steel sheet of grade SS-304 and the outer wall made of heavy gauge PRPC sheet pre treated with primers for rust proofing painted with attractive stove enamel or power coated.


The gap between the inner and outer wall is filled with special grade glass wool to prevent thermal losses. Glass mineral is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulant available. Glass wool is incombustible by nature. It does not propagate flames and toxic smokes. This is due to the messing of materials which are low on conduction and trap larger amount of air.

This makes glass wool an excellent thermal insulant. Thickest the glass wool is the best thermal resistance it has, which reduces heat losses in the equipments for better sensitivity and economical operations.
The unit is fitted with door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber. Lock and key arrangement is provided in the double walled outer door.

Optional features

These chambers consist of optional features, which can be incorporated in the device if the customer wants. These features are audio and visual alarm, touch button control for alarm mute/ring back, keyed alarm salience switch, power failure alarm, programmable temperature range, battery backup, serial thermal printing facility, door buzzer alarm and external keyed alarm mute.

Salient features

Apart from the optional features, the chamber is compact, has a high voltage range, proven technology and ozone friendly refrigerants.

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