Many people understand That cholesterol is either bad for you or good but beyond That, They do not understand just exactly what is cholesterol. Doctors will give you a long explanation Which only THEY can comprehend but cholesterol can no simplified in one statement. Cholesterol is a waxy material fabricat That The Liver Carry Out Which is a number of responsibility for the health of our bodies.

When we consume foods in our daily diet, our Liver takes the food and turns it into cholesterol Which helps aid in developing bile salts to digest the fat, build cell walls, and to create vitamin D. So why would we worry about eating too many foods That produce too much cholesterol in our body? The answer lies in the FACT that too much of anything is bad for Essentially you. If we understand what cholesterol is, we can better steer clear of consuming to much cholesterol.

The Good And Bad Cholesterol.

One easy way to watch our cholesterol level is to understand what Foods That We eat in our daily diet Which produce the good cholesterol bad cholesterol. Foods That Carry Such as animal fat dairy and meats carry bad cholesterol, Foods Such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains carry no cholesterol at all.

When we eat foods That have too much bad cholesterol, can cause some major damage Such as the hardening of our Artery. This occures when too much cholesterol is bad in our system Because it builds up plaque Which blocks the arterial blood flow and Prevents.

Good cholesterol behave very diferente m than bad cholesterol Because its main goal to keep our bodies healthy. What the good cholesterol does is carry the surplus of cholesterol we have in our bodies to the Liver so it can create bile salt and expel it from our system.

High Cholesterol Is Caused By What?

When we ask our doctor about our cholesterol level, it is usually Because we are worried about having a high cholesterol level. Having a high cholesterol level can without Caused Different Reasons for many but the main cause is age. You see, our cholesterol level goes up as we get older.

There are many thing that can cause us to get high cholesterol levels. One thing is we may inherit from our parents. If your parents have high cholesterol, you Should Ask your doctor to be tested to make sure if you have it or not. Another thing is doing physical activity. When we exercise and do any other physical activity, this, f our good cholesterol levels to rise Thuß keeping us healthy.

When we are looking at the Causes and Cure for high cholesterol, we OFTEN find a direct link between the food we eat and our cholesterol levels. If we eat foods rich in fiber, vegetables, beans, fish, and fruits we can keep the good cholesterol levels up within our body. We also need to try and avoid eating foods That Promote high cholesterol levels within our body like meat and dairy products.When we go to the doctor and he give us our cholesterol reading, many do not understand just exactly what he is talking about. Many people know That cholesterol is either good or bad for you, but many do not understand what is cholesterol. Cholesterol is simply a matter of waxy That The Liver Which Creates handles a number of duties in our body.

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