Contentment is the Key To Open Source Connection Complete! By finding a state of contentment, one finds the spiritual key that opens the door that leads to the reward that is the state of being content with ones life!

This knowledge is called forth from a convergence of all positive space time, dimensions and multi-verses to reveal the Ultimate Source Connection. The path traversed to have and to hold this moment of bliss of the final relief! Oh, how to rise above the continuous onslaught of Haste and varying Levels of Insanity that is called Survival!


The word contentment is paramount to the disclosure of the feeling that the word in and of itself emits. It is a word that has only the definition of itself as itself. The loftiness of such a poetic mergence of what is called meaning and the feeling associated with it indicates a powerful word that is Sacred! And it has Some kind of Divine Love in its creation too!

For when we feel the feeling that we get when we say in our minds or our hearts or out loud or all three the word Contentment, we get a rather lofty longing for the reality of actually being able to say it and believe it in any of these ways that we are content! It is so lofty in its elevation that it is hard to use it! We want to describe our state of being as one of contentment but it feels fleeting when striving to find even a moment of contentment!

Ahhhhhhh! I am content! That is the secret! We have all had moments of contentment and discontentment! This fact that we can have and have had contentment before is the all mighty proof of the Redemption and the Bliss and Release and Relief that exists within us!

The Ruts Made By Our Horses That We Ride, Run Deep. Then add the family ruts that either are or are similar to the one we tread and the ruts turn into riffs and giant valleys of sorrow and catacombs of darkness. One of the ways to fill these ruts and riffs and catacombs that have been solidified is to recognize them in order to build over them with Contentment of Self that includes all of our imperfections.

As Buckminster Fuller approximately said and in my own words is that in order to change existing models of living that aren’t quite right, we must must build better living models and overlay them! That blueprint sounds very much like simple ways to solve complicated problems. We find that when we overlay a better model over a situation or world that isn’t quite right, we can literally build on them and even plant flowers that bloom!

The contentment of the wafting smell of the blooming roses can make us smile when we are most pleasantly surprised by the gifts we receive!

The reason this breakthrough of having and practicing CONTENTMENT is such an Epic One is because I personally believe I have existed many thousands of lifetimes working as a scholar in search of this Spiritual Reward. I did have the opportunity in this lifetime to study as a scholar and to make it a career but chose instead to experience this lifetime outside of the books. Now, I feel I have found what I was looking for forever! I have been greatly Blessed and wish to share this finding for those who can skip lifetimes, years, days, and even moments of their life to have a better experience existing now and without the suffering and turmoil that I experienced by finding and cultivating Contentment Now! The real Gift is that from now on All of my forward existences and experiences in all space, time and dimensions will be more harmonious, fulfilling and glorifyingly easier too!

The choice I made to experience life instead of researching it has been a difficult one to accept of myself and many times I have questioned this choice when the suffering of experiential happenings seemed unending. Yet, I lived through it all, at least to this very moment, to have gratefully received the Ultimate Gift of Soul’s Being which is a Complete, Wonderful, Contented State of Being!

The learning and the lessons learned have all been put to the test in this very life time and time line. I have lamented, even to a few days ago before this breakthrough, the decision of Great Creator to bring me back to life again and again through many near-death experiences. I wondered why would Great Creator keep making me exist in my body on lovely Mother Earth knowing that I was aware that I could mess things up even more than the moment of redemption I received when on The Other Side during my drowning, near-death experience. I’ve been secretly and deeply feeling a derisive wonderment of this fact. Although I have had years of gladness of being alive to find and fulfill my Soul’s mission, it wasn’t until this breakthrough about being content with myself that I became strangely aware that I have been hiding an unhealthy yearning to go back to Heaven asap... I was hiding this secret even from myself.

After all the striving, yearning and time going by I have finally found the secret I searched for all along! The secret for me and of many lifetimes and timelines now fulfilled is All in the Sacred Word called Contentment! With this knowledge, my timelines have shifted and my mind has merged with my heart! I wish I could say everything is magically perfect but the reality of it is is that the practice of living the Contented word is requiring me to assess everything in my life and it has to change! Some things will only happen through forward time because the ruts of discontent of my hard life go deep and the riffs are wide! All this work I still need to do to fix my life is astounding! Now with being content in my heart with myself as I am, I am finding that I still need loving work to get myself right with myself! I am content with this knowledge and sincerely excited for the rest of my life!

This Gift of Contentment is the Key that unlocks the door that when opened leads from the life of previous dissatisfaction, disconnection and discontentedness into a new higher vibrational and happier life that is Contented, Imperfect and Divine! The relief of feeling this word in my soul is inexplicable in its core of honesty of self-awareness! I am humbled and grateful now for all I have experienced and learned. Everything just changed for me and in my world for the better! It has been only a few days since this Profound Secret Word has been overlaid on my world and on my heart. All of the sudden, I see myself! The dance of harmony of days going by has just taken on a new enthusiasm!


Contentment is the fine balance between ethics extreme to the point of insanity and the self-knowledge of knowing equals yes that what one wants, desires and needs are all in Alignment with the Highest Good of Self, All Concerned and Indeed For All! Oh, Blessed Contentment!

The word is also connotative of the final Co-creative element and puzzle piece that is needed to build a better life model for oneself, superconsciously. When all rests through Contentment, Balance has been achieved!

I used to think Balance meant Boring. Now I find that the word Balance has been cloaked. For it is the gift from having Contentment and is the result of it and it is also a conductor of the beginning of experiencing Contentment. So, one can seek Balance as a way to find Contentment or one can realize Contentment and find Balance.

Contentment is the sweet spot of the resting of the Pendulum’s swing. It is finally the visualization of the Path of Least Resistance! Always we living beings feel the pull of the Pendulum’s Swing from extreme right to extreme left, yet it is the center point of gravity for the heart to feel the rest of the Pendulum’s Swing. For then you will have a place to overlay your version of your life to find where you are to build the path to where you want to be ethically! Sweet Contentment!

The Secret of the Ages is Contentment! To feel the world compassionately and to be in the world productively and to co-exist contentedly in all that is the sweet life we all yearn for!
To find Contentment in ones life, all will be revealed in its forward thinking and forward feeling applications of applying this new model over the current one of discontent.

Build A Better Model of Your Vision of Your Life Through Contentment!

Also, with this revealing of all I have ever searched and longed for my mission is complete! Wow! Thousands of lifetimes have passed in the striving to hold the sweet release of self-acceptance as a physical being with spiritual powers! Now, I can trust myself! Wow!

Through Great Creator, I am Loving Creator, Lovingly Co-creating my Loving Reality in Harmony with Other Living Beings!

That kind of ordained, through Great Creator gifted knowledge found, I can build a life based on my ethical wants, desires and needs in full trust that I shall be righteous towards my found divinity and righteous with other living beings! The feeling of the word on each being’s heart will probably be different, for we are called out from our core to exemplify our Source. I wonder at the pulling on my heart to lessen vices and embrace simply being… That is, Being in a State of Contentment. I am personally feeling a lessening of the fight against injustices, the bugs that bother on purpose and the personal dramas that make up relationships. I hope and intend that my new state of being in a State of Contentment helps me to balance my passions and creativity and insane awareness of the times I find myself in with contented excitement for the rest of my life and contributions and ethical gratification and that those around me who love me and whom I love also find and feel Content with their life and where they find themselves at, for the highest good of myself, all concerned and indeed for the Highest Good of All!

Interesting to note that this change of the State of Being is about being in the moment wherever it is that I personally find myself in. Every moment of contentment can set me up for the next moment of contentment and reverberate forward for the rest of my life. For when one finds out after searching for aeons that we are collectively, those of us who are still in their body in this particular world reality, are in a game of life then you find that you, through Great Creator can co-create your reality in harmony with others! We are in an interactive Game of Life that is conditioned, programmed by self and outside players and is played by each individual as the Player and the Played! Once one grasps this concept then one finds out that one moment sets up the next moment!

What I am finding is that we can set ourselves up to have a better life by consciously embracing Contentment of the moments we find ourselves in! We can climb the ladder of varying levels of Contentment to the best parts of ourselves! We can utilize our ethical, superconscious powers to create better realities for our self and others and indeed, even for those who will follow us when we are gone!

In this very moment, may you be filled with Grace, Balance and Contentment for the rest of your existence!

Sometimes the riffs of the soul run deep as ruts in the ground of spirit’s release
Sometimes with a garden one can fill the ground to plant the seeds that bloom’s fruits tastes sweet
On your Divine Lips The Words That You Speak Create the Love that you seek
Sometimes the riffs are great catechisms of rock worn away exposing thee
Sometimes the living waters wash away catacombs of dark thoughts to awaken your inner me
Great Creator has given the living waters to fill those ruts and close those riffs to be new ground on which redemption and mercy is received
In this very moment you can visually close the riffs and fill the ruts and be made Complete!
May Great Creator Be Worshiped, Praised and Given Thanks For The Contentment of Self Shining Bright!

Ah, Sweet Contentment Is The Best Rest And Relief From The Pendulum’s Swing! It Is Also The Sacred Path Of Least Resistance That Leads Us To Moments Of Self Peace!


Note To All On The Cliffs:
Step Back Now!

To All on The Edge of Real or Spiritual Cliffs, Bridges, Impending Confrontations, Self-Destructive Actions and To Any Feeling Any Negativity Towards Yourself that Is Currently Inclining You To Self-Destruct or Intending to Self-Inflict Suffering of Any Sort,
You are To Step Back Now!

Sometimes we living beings find ourselves looking over a cliff for an answer…
either in actuality or spiritually or mentally because of life overwhelms or impending confrontations or because you have to deal with predatory behaviors from others and/or those feeling at the end of their sanity because of negativity that is happening in the world that is prompting self-destruction and to all those who are reading this message that resonates with it on any level that is seeking help,
You Can Step Back From Whatever It Is or Wherever It Is!
Step Back to Higher Ground to Find Safety, Now!
Do Not Think Nor Hesitate to Save Yourself Now, For You Can Think Later As You Give Thanks That You Are Still Viable and Vital For Yourself and Your Loved Ones and Indeed For All of Us Who Need You to Step Back From The Cliff Now! Then you can ponder how to Love More and Negate thyself Less! Then you can figure out how to share your message and help others with what you learn about yourself by seeking safe ground, Now!

There are many who are living examples that you can Step Back and find a way to Safety because some of us have lived through it time and again… these inclinations for self-destruction… Those who are in need of this mental command to save themselves and are for some reason finding this message, you are now allowed through Great Creator’s Unconditional Love and Mercy for each one of us to accept the call out that you asked for through self-accepting your own generated Great Order to Save Your Own Life Now!

Many have taken the fatal step forward that propelled them off the proverbial cliff and some have been pushing for troublesome confrontations that could also be a step in the wrong direction, including me…
Odds are that if you take another step, your forward movement may not be stoppable by your own methods and it is highly likely that that moment will be the very moment that you realize that what you just did wasn’t the change you wanted to make!

You may realize too late that taking that step was not what you really wanted to do in reality but now you can’t stop the direction or the destruction that you uncontrollably instigated that is a jump into darkness or a straight drop to the bottom of your lifes horizon!
Stop Now! Step Back!

Do not think, do not hesitate, do not look around, simply take a Step Back Now!

Why I am taking a chance speaking this righteously>>>
Our minds and hearts respond to training based on definitive words (one of the ways for programming AND is multi-leveled)… this is The Reason I speak boldly, loudly and clearly. We human beings are in actuality, easily controllable through programming. We have been taught that when we are told to do something, sometimes just because we are told to, to do it and mostly, we do follow being told what to do when it is direct and do it, whatever it is... We need to use this tactic of programming to reprogram negative to positive in ourselves.

My intent is to help those in need, including myself of a previous me, to utilize this re-programming of ones own mind and heart by stating a positive command in order to overlay the negative tendencies happening with positive vibrations that will help you move out of the moment of self-destruction and into the next moment of self-saving. Some may be getting self-propelled to self-destruction thinking it will help themselves in the Now but when you look at it like that you can see the ridiculousness of those type of thoughts and that just in the thinking and stating of them we can see that there are other paths available to us rather than disappearing our lovely selves. Sometimes all we have left of this life is the next moment of our life…
May these moments help you to save yourself to finding yourself in one moment of your natural time-line in the future content in your existence!

Sometimes if we can just find a way to exist through the moments of self-destruction, we can find ourselves saved from ourselves! May Great Creator bless you and bring on the tears of release while still in your body...

I am Sorry and sincerely Apologize for such strong language! I now erase all soul contracts, agreements, vows and expectations from the stating of such Spirit Saving Orders as stated above. I have been directed directly to do this expression to the amazement of myself! I am free of all connections associated with those who choose to save themselves or who are affected by this information and its consequences! Save Yourself! All is shared through Great Creator’s Unconditional Love for that is what has saved me from myself many times! Redemption is Available through Self-Accountability of ourselves and what we are capable of and what we have done or not done or will do or not do and Can be a Great Life-times Equalizer and Balancer!

Softly speaking, it is now is highly suggested to find safe ground for all in order to experience the forthcoming contentment of your life! (But you see, a suggestion may not save us when a positive order of the highest kind is decreed and that the order of the highest kind is what saves us, not the soft suggestion...)

Step Back Now.
Then Take Another Step Back. Make sure you are on strong ground when you step back.
Then Take Another Step Back. Now Turn and Gently Make Your Way To Safety. Now!

Great Creator Loves You as a Gift for Him and Her self and that is how special you are in spirit's reality! May You Find and Receive Great Creator's Gift of Divine Contentment Within You!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is an author and artist. She writes about many spiritual topics and expert niche subjects. Recently she has been offered a traditional publishing opportunity! She hopes to have her near-death experience book rewritten and published soon!
She has also opened her own Legal Shield business as an associate and asks that those who wish to support the missions she is on to take a look at that, in addition to her books! She is also producing some videos and will be releasing a Mother Earth faith healing video lesson soon!
Appreciation is at her heart for all those who find any resonance with her musings, writings and art!