Coping With A Loveless Marriage: How To Survive In A Loveless Marriage And Improve Your Marriage

Why did you marry the man you are with now? What made you believe that marrying him will make you the happiest woman in the world? Have you ever thought that one day the life you dreamt with him will end up into a misery? In every relationship, there will always be the good times and the bad times. It will just be a matter of how you handle things and make everything right for you.

A loveless marriage may have started from a misunderstanding between you and your hubby. It may be due to a forced marriage, unfaithfulness, lack of intimacy, and sometimes unable to sexually satisfy each other. But ladies, there are things that we can always do to save a loveless marriage and make it work out. We can't just stay in a loveless marriage because of the law, our vows, the kids, opinion of our family nor because of financial stability. These reasons are not enough for you to consider saving your marriage. It's like living a lie everyday trying to make yourself believe that you are happy when you know for a fact that you are not.

It will be hard to continue a loveless marriage if our reasons of staying are not strong and valid. Sometimes, the kids are not even enough to compensate a loveless marriage. We may want to re-examine our feelings and remember the day when we said yes to his proposal. Remember, whatever is happening in your marriage is a result of your choices and your husband's. Marriage is never easy. It needs nurturing on a daily basis. It must be worked out by both parties. The husband and the wife must both work on making their marriage healthy and full of love.

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If your reason for a loveless marriage is because your union was arranged by the elders, try being honest to your spouse and talk to him about what you feel. Together, you may discover reasons like traits, hobbies, or things that you may realize both of you are interested in. Look at his positive characteristics. And you'll never know, you might fall for him because of that.

One more thing to save a loveless marriage is by assessing yourself. Try looking at what you want, what makes you happy, what gives you fulfillment and what makes you as a person. You'll not be asking these things from him rather you will identify these positives things about you and share it with him. It's about learning to share what makes you happy with your hubby. From there, you will notice changes in your relationship and the love for each other will start burning.

A loveless marriage is a result of circumstances that we face with our partners. But as such, we can also make it a love-full marriage by becoming more open, understanding and patient. We cannot solve everything with just a blink of the eye nor with the snap of our fingers. It takes time and a lot of effort to save a loveless marriage and make it a loving marriage.

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Marriage problems that result from women who bring up their husband's past in a social context range from being embarrassing to being full-scale detrimental to the relationship. Some men adapt well to situations and don't show their feelings when they realize that their wife has shared some personal information about him that he preferred that she didn't do. Men who don't have as much emotional control really "let loose" on their wives as soon as they get the chance, letting them know how displeased they are with their wives. Here are three problems created by women who bring up their husband's past.

1. Loss Of Respect

This is something that men would feel if their wife brought up their husband's past if they were arguing about something and she was trying to find something to use against her husband to attack him. If you're proving a point, it's fair enough, but if you're using it to attack, it's not a wise move.

Things that have happened have happened. You can't turn back time and prevent them from happening again. If you have to resort to using these attacks on us, we won't be able to respect you.

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2. Declaring War

If the man finds that his wife is always using the past against him, it's going to be pretty hard for him to not use her past against her as well, no matter how much integrity he thinks he has. It's about fighting fire with fire to let her know how he feels.

Naturally, this will cause the relationship to get worse and worse. By simply using past events to maim and hurt, the relationship goes nowhere and there is more and more loss of love.

3. Harder To Fix Up

If this keeps going on and on indefinitely, it's going to be harder for the husband and wife to make up. There are going to be more pieces that have to be picked up and there's always going to be lingering resentment there.

It might take a mediator to actually come in and help the pair stop the fighting, but of course, you want to avoid this from happening. It takes someone with maturity to stop the bickering and to let sleeping dogs lie and if you aren't willing to do it, then your marriage is as good as over.

These marriage problems result if you use your husband's past against him or in a social context when you're out with friends. As a general rule, don't do it unless you want to start an argument that could get worse over time.

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People usually mention infidelity as the main cause of divorces around the world. Cheating often becomes the last straw for filing divorce papers by one of the spouses, but the roots of the problem are always much deeper.

Even if your marriage is at the brink of collapsing, the fact that you are looking for a way to save your marriage it means that there is something worth saving between you and your spouse. It's good news, because this is what could help you save your marriage.

Unfortunately, the act of actively trying to save a marriage often comes late, when the damage has already been done and conventional measures don't help. Marriages often die before divorce documents have been signed and separating for the sake of resolving your conflict could eventually lead to a permanent breakup.

Before all hope is lost, start with the basics that you might have overlooked in the heat of problems your marriage was plagued by. Communication is the foundation that holds all marriages together and a lack of it pulls both spouses apart stronger than any argument could.

Tell your spouse about your feelings. You might be holding everything inside you to prevent things from falling further apart, but this very thing might come off as cold and calculating to your spouse. If he or she is unwilling to listen, perhaps due to past grudges or some other reasons, find a way to give your spouse some perspective.

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Address your spouse's complaints and problems as a way to break the wall between you. If a cheating husband or wife had been involved, make sure you don't dismiss your spouse's side of the story as 'excuses'. There is no point in trying to save your marriage, unless you are planning to restart as equals. If one spouse will be 'more guilty' than the other, your marriage will turn into a time-bomb waiting to explode again, given the tiniest reason.

After all, if you are trying to save your marriage, it's a bad idea to deny any respect to the person whom you still want to spend the rest of your life with. The realization that both of you are hurting may bring you closer and remind that both of you have things to lose. It can be the breaking point in your marriage, and this time for the better. If you are able to eliminate the mistrust and disrespect, running both ways, you can have a genuine chance of saving your marriage.

Remember to share and listen, patiently. It's hard enough to know each other's feelings when you are living together. After spending some time apart, both physically and emotionally, it can be hard to become attentive of your spouse's concerns again. Nevertheless, communication is what will set your marriage back on the right path.

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When people decide to get married they want it to be forever. Everyone knows that marriage takes lots of work. There are so many positive aspects of being in a marriage, but if you allow problems to become the main point you could very well end up ruining a good thing. Love takes time and effort and can be difficult to fathom. There are times when love can lift you high and other times when it can make you feel horrible. But you can navigate through the rocky parts of a marriage and emerge to have a stronger and happy life with some good save my marriage advice.

Repairing a marriage can be a very difficult issue particularly when there are so many different issues to deal with on a mental and emotional level. A person that has an open mind and is willing to fix their marriage with love will make the repairing process a lot easier. There are times when a married couple can get so frustrated that they may decide that they are simply no longer happy and just want to divorce. Personally, this is not a valid reason and, there are times when people have a hard time coming up with reasons for why they want to end their marriage. Honestly, leaving a marriage simply because you are not happy is not enough. Ok, so you feel that you no longer have that happy feeling that you believe should be associated with matrimony. This is understandable. However, you should really consider this thoroughly as not being happy is not a valid enough reason to break up a family. You should really think about how leaving will affect your entire family. It really is deeper than your exclusive feelings. Rather than simply focus on how you feel and what you want dedicate yourself to saving your marriage.

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There are times when a married person will decide to go out of the marriage to have their needs satisfied. Even with this circumstance, if you are truly committed to saving the marriage, you may rue the day that you let your spouse leave you. Even if you feel that your spouse is interested in leaving you should try to make things work. Don't make it easy for your spouse to leave. If you caused the problems admit to them, apologize and move on. Your spouse is one of the few people that know you completely. Your spouse will forgive if you are sincere. Even if you think that you are tired it is best to think it over before making any decisions.

Repairing a marriage does take hard work, but it can be done with effort. You have to be willing to work on saving the marriage even if you spouse is not responsive.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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