How To Solve Husband And Wife Problem: How To Solve Marriage Problems For Good

Married couples are bound to quarrel or argue no matter how good or close they are. So, it is important that every couple must know how to solve marriage problems when they encounter with one someday. When marriage problems are not deal properly, it can cause more issues to pile up on top of the real problem. When either one or both give up on working the marriage, they think of divorce to settle the problem. However, divorce is certainly not the answer to end the problem.

If you want to know how to solve marriage problems, you cannot run away from what it affects you mentally and emotionally. You definitely need to figure out the marriage problems. It also comes with an attitude to be patient when you want to solve the problems.

Think about whether those problems have ever been communicated to your spouse. If you think you have tried, did the communication get started on the right way? Why I say that is because many couples started off communicating the problems very emotionally. Some lost their cool before finding out the real reason, some showed out their desperation, begging and crying to be treated nicely. There are also some people that will try to avoid saying out the problems, fearing that they will lose the marriage.

When it comes to solving the problems in the marriage, one also has to consider the everyday behaviour in the marriage. Both partners definitely need to improve on listening more to understand, tolerant and control the tendency to over react. Both partners need to learn how to give sufficient space and equal treatment to maintain the harmony of the marriage.

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Decide that you're going to put your marriage on the front burner for a while. Take some time off of work, and have your spouse do the same. Go someplace quiet, away from the daily pressures of your lives, and TALK. Get your problems out into the open.

Decide here an now that you're not going to allow these problems to grow any bigger. Face the issues head on; if you wait, they're going to grow, and not into something beautiful. Minor hiccups become major problems, so tackle them while they're manageable. Nothing ever got fixed when it was ignored.

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If the root of your problems is monetary, has out a financial strategy that you can both get behind. Financial issues are one of the top sources of marital discord, but if both of you agree on what you want and where you want to go, you can map out a plan to get there. Knowing and agreeing in financial expectations and strategies will keep any surprises out of the mix.

Make a commitment to make time for each other. While it's easy to let the "couple" get lost in the whirlwind of job and family, you must nourish your relationship if you expect it to grow. Time spent together doesn't have to be fancy or expensive; the only requirement is that, for that space of time, you can concentrate on each other.

There are solutions. There is hope for a faltering marriage, if you're willing to do the work and make the sacrifices. It's time to stop blaming, stop wallowing, and start working to reclaim your love and your relationship. How to save a marriage isn't a pipe dream; it it within your grasp.

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Why Does Your Husband Want To Leave You?

Even if you think you are the perfect wife the simple fact is that you are not, if your husband wants to leave your marriage, or at least not to him.

The only reason a husband ever wants to move on is because he thinks that you are no-longer meeting his needs. Even if you know you are a great wife this is not what your husband thinks and perception is reality.

The Key To Saving Your Marriage

Don't worry though. Even if your husband does not want to save your marriage you can do it alone without him even knowing.

Get over your anger and resentment. Really think hard about whether you want your marriage and if you do then get to work at becoming valuable to your husband.

How To Stop A Divorce and Keep Your Husband.

If you want to keep your husband and save your marriage he needs to see and feel how valuable you are to him. You will only be valuable to him if he feels that you are meeting his needs.

Even if you earn a lot of money, keep the home spotless, are a great mother, cook great meals and treat your husband like a king this is not enough if this is not what he thinks is important. For example on the weekend he might want you to go with him to the races and you refuse because you have to clean the house. If having fun and relaxing is more important to your husband than a clean house you will not be meeting his needs and your value will lessen. At that moment he would easily swap you for a woman who likes to have fun.

To stop separation or divorce from your husband and get rid of emotional distance between you, you must become emotionally valuable to your husband.

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What Makes A Wife Valuable?

To be valuable to your husband you need to know how he thinks and what is important to him. You then need to try and give it to him.

It is crucial though that you show your husband that you will not put up with bad treatment and disrespect. Be very firm that you see yourself as valuable and will not be with someone who does not see you the same way.

You teach people how to treat you with your own actions and reactions.

It is pointless to silently accept bad behaviour as you will simply get more of it. Make a fuss and make it clear that you have minimum expectations that you will not compromise. It's not possible for your husband to value you if you do not value yourself.

Men are often self-centred children at heart. They need to be made feel important and wanted. It is essential that you make yourself available to your husband as a companion and sexual partner. You must be someone he can have fun with and someone who will satisfy his sexual needs. Husbands have sexual needs and if you do not satisfy them he will go elsewhere, or become very resentful and leave you mentally.

Your husband needs to believe that you are at least as valuable as your competition for him to want to stay with you. You will fail if you try and keep your husband in a bad relationship but succeed if you ensure he has lots of memories of your good times together.

10 Tips To Save Your Marriage And Your Husband

If your marriage is in trouble change the way you relate to your husband so that he has to change the way that he sees you, treats you and thinks about you.

Here are 10 Tips:

1. If you have put up with bad behaviour and disrespect for a long time shock your husband and yell. Loudly tell him that you will not accept his behaviour and demand his respect. You have to value yourself first to be valued;

2. Tell your husband that you are going out with a friend for the evening and get him to babysit. It is important that your husband sees that you have a full life without him;

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3. Shock your husband and ring him up for a date. Get a babysitter and arrange an outing to something he loves such as a car show, the races, the football and then relax and have fun;

4. Initiate sex. Suggest going to bed early one night, or if this would be too hard offer your husband a foot massage and see where it leads;

5. Compliment your husband on something he has done like reading a story to the children. Tell him he is a great father;

6. Thank your husband for something he has done that helps you even if you secretly think that it was his job. Men love to feel appreciated;

7. Ask your husband about his day when he gets home and really listen to the answer. Ask questions;

8. Say something good about your husband when you are out with friends. Men love to be praised;

9. Look your husband in the eye when you are talking to him and hold his gaze. This will create intimacy and make your conversations special;

10. Touch your husband lightly when you speak to establish a connection and when out with others rest your hand on his arm to show possessiveness. This will immediately create a physical connection between you that he does not have with others and show him that you want to be near him; and

There is much criticism in relation to Asian women stealing the husbands of western women, twenty years their senior. It is common to see 30 year old Asian women with 50 year old western men who have left their 50 year old wives and if you watch the interaction between the new couple you will see quickly see what the man loves.

The Asian woman uses all the above strategies. In particular she uses her eyes and touch to make the man feel like a king. It is clear that the man is her hero and he loves it. He then treats her like a queen.

Try it. It will save your marriage and bring you the type of relationship you crave.

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