This robotic weight loss advisor – created by Intuitive Automata - is the latest in a long line of technological advancements that have been produced to help you get in shape.

Named ‘Autom’, this humanoid little robot works primarily by monitoring your food choices and workout regime, whilst providing regular words of support to keep you striding towards obtaining your weight loss getting in shape.

And reviews of this little robot are promising…

During a study between dieters who use their iPhones to analyse their workout regime, to those who tried Autom; Autom users lasted twice as long on their diets. Essentially the difference between being described as a yo-yo dieter to achieving your ideal size…

How does Autom improve your chances of weight loss?

Comprising of a modicum of artificial intelligence, dieters essentially supply the quantity of calories they consume and how often they exercise every day, and Autom tracks their weight loss, offers useful strategies and offers regular phrases of advice.

Yet, there is a catch…

Soon to be available to buy in America at the end of 2010; dieters will have to cough up over $400 to own, as well as have to discover an additional sum to be able to afford the monthly subscription which will help them to supply their weight loss information through other technology or via the internet.

More notably, whilst Autom has been proven to help dieters to stick to their weight loss regime for time, there is no long term evidence that this fat loss will last.

For achieveable weight loss it is always recommended that you eat a healthy, stable diet of all the key nutrients, and exercise often. However, if you are finding it difficult to lose weight, the help of a clinically proven weight loss supplement such as Proactol could help.

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