Since my first blog post, I’ve had articles that were viewed by many and other articles that no one found. I’m definitely not a page rank queen. I love to write and am passionate about my topic. I hate choosing a word so that Google will find my blog post attractive.

I’ve attended plenty of webinars and teleconferences where each leader claims to know the secret desires of Google that allow anyone to become a worthy participant in his world. I’m certain Google is a man; he has all the same qualities as the old man on the throne and Santa Claus.

I’ve felt this way before. When I started my brick and mortar business, I learned all the rules of sales and advertising from the marketing angels, but then at some point, I said, “Screw this.” I did my own thing, and I did just fine without marketing or sales.

Then there was the stock market. I thought that I needed training to make money. I bought the courses and followed the prophecies of the experts and lost money. Then I trashed the prophets and followed my heart; and again, I did fine.

I also felt this way about religion. I tested out a variety of religions, but eventually the repetition, rules, and rituals made me lose interest. Again, I learned that I had to find my own way. I had to stop looking outside for the answers.

Google reminds me one more time that no one outside of me has a power greater than the power I have within. And once again, I almost fell for my mind’s beliefs while sacrificing my heart.

My mind said that I didn’t have the knowledge to please Google. My mind was playing an old, familiar recording; and we rarely see our mental patterns because they are so familiar.

Esoteric wisdom says that a long time ago, people’s minds were clear and their hearts were pure. Anyone could manifest his or her desires easily. Life was simple so requests were probably things like dinner or a new stone for the yard. Nevertheless, people were happy and thought earth was a paradise because their desires were fulfilled. They enjoyed and trusted each other. They didn’t have problems, disease, war, or pollution. They just had experiences.

This was a very democratic time in the purest sense even though there were no leaders. In fact, it seems that disagreements were few because people wanted everyone to do well. Everyone was equal. If you were the cook, you were equal to the healer or storyteller. Every person was essential.

But suddenly, the idea of leadership emerged. Leaders devised new rules or knowledge that they did not share. They were powerful, not because they were more essential or special, but because they had secrets. The biggest secrets were about what the almighty and powerful, punishing God wanted. They also made up the idea that God was mad at everyone but them. They would invent rules that served their interests and then force obedience with fear of punishment.

The rules generally told you what was good and what was evil in God’s eyes and ears, and the leaders were never evil in their own rulebook. Consequently, the leaders were free from the guilt and shame that tends to drag us ordinary folks down.

The people felt confused by the new rules, but they were innocent. They couldn’t imagine that anyone would deceive them. So they trusted the leaders. Slowly this created the great divide between the rich and powerful and the common man.

Now we are repeating the pattern again. Google makes the rules of what is good and evil on the web, and they don’t share those rules. If you don’t follow the secret rules, you can get banished or remain invisible to them. Your voice isn’t heard. They have power because they have secrets. If you become part of their inner circle, you grow rich along with them.

Where secrets exist, those who try to expose them also exist. The high priests of SEO are now coming forth and saying, “I have the secret Google rules, follow me, and you’ll get to the land of plenty.” They are today’s Moses; they get you to follow them by promising the kingdom while you wander around in the desert for decades.

The illusory world is based on the power in numbers. If you have the most followers, you have the power. Is anyone thinking Facebook or Twitter? Who rules those illusory worlds? Try Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga on for size. I bet you’ll sleep well tonight.

These ancient archetypes are funny things. They don’t change because people continue to believe them and honor them. People today are still running from pastor to priest, from guru to master, to find out what in the hell God wants from them, and it has been thousands of years since Moses first declared he had the secrets. Likewise, we run from SEO king to SEO high priest without ever finding the answers. Each time we put Google and its minion on a pedestal above our inner wisdom, we give them more of our true power.

Nothing will change until we recognize this ancient pattern and stop giving our life force to people and organizations that are nothing more than damn good manipulators. Many businesses, religious organizations, and governments are just false gods with illusory power. It is a pattern that has existed since the beginning of history (or his story).

We have to start trusting our hearts once again. Our hearts don’t lie. History has proven, that those who say they know the secrets usually don’t. Our problems aren’t resolving. That is a big clue that we are following a false, illusory god.

Just like any other false god, Google has the answer to Google’s success. They are winning while others are losing. That is a sign that they are a false god. A true God would want everyone to win. And when you apply that criteria you see behind the curtain every single time.

All the religions give enough truth to validate our instincts. Treat others like you want to be treated, strive for unconditional love, and follow your heart is really all any person needs. I can’t imagine standing before a real God, and he says “Cathy! You followed your heart. You spoke truthfully. You loved unconditionally. If you had just lit a candle in church, I’d let you into heaven. You almost got there, but you didn’t use the keywords.” All the pomp and circumstance is simply theatrics designed to make us think the Man is more important than us. Sooner or later Toto will pull open the curtain and reveal that Google is yet another wimpy, little man with a big ego.

The more I follow my heart and make decisions from its calm, quiet place, the more life just works. Following another’s rules, even if they are Google’s, never feels satisfying even if I do get a moment of success. So I’ll write what I am passionate about, give what I’ve got to give without withholding secrets for the big money-making product, and I’ll do it because I love to do it. I’ll trust that those who want or need a reminder that they are worthy and have all the answers in their heart will find their way through the Google maze to my little blog even if the big giant Google doesn’t know I exist.

Google, judges, policemen, and priests all punish because they are false gods. False gods punish like snakes bite. We didn’t do anything wrong. We were tricked because we were innocent. And when we get that, we’ll take our power back.

The real SEO keyword is covered. We covered our truth with their beliefs, but we didn’t lose it. We still have it in our hearts, and we always have. As for Google, the most powerful esoteric wisdom said that when you become invisible to the illusory gods and their obedient minions, you are finally losing the tree of knowledge of good and evil and returning to the wisdom of the tree of life. You’ve finally got the key to the true kingdom. Welcome home!

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Cathy Eck discovered esoteric wisdom through life circumstances and studying ancient mythology, initiation, and symbolism. She shares everything she discovers freely, and mentors people on a donation/ability-to-pay basis. You can learn more about Cathy’s continuing research into our ancient past or her mentoring by visiting You can also find an expanded version of this article on Cathy's blog.