There are a lot of benefits Facebook brings to entrepreneurs who want to promote their businesses or brands in this most popular social networking site these days. There is the Facebook page where you can create a page (like your own site) named after you or the product that you are promoting. Then, you can invite people to become your fans or followers. With Facebook page, you have to foster better interaction with your fans. You can also add more than 5,000 friends which is quite an advantage compared to creating a group page. But apart from these benefits, viral marketing through Facebook Page is one factor that can truly leverage your business.

How? Well, once a person becomes your fan and interacts with you (through comments), you will appear in their news feeds, too. Thus, their friends will be able to see you and even add your page if you get to spark their interest. You have to realize how important it is to make time to interact with people in your network. Don't just bombard people with updates and promotions, but also make sure that you share with them valuable information. In Facebook, you can share links, photos, and videos. A good profile with useful updates is what you must have if you want to maximize the benefits of Facebook pages.

It is easy to set up a Facebook page. Although you can directly register your company or brand, you have to create your own profile using your own identity. This won't be much of a problem since you can change the page name anyway.

There are many ways that you can do in order to maximize Facebook page and use it to the advantage of your business. This I will have to discuss more in my next post.

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